New Catwoman, Incredibles & Spider-Man 2 Pics!

In Entertainment Weekly‘s early word on 2004’s 10 big movies, they have included articles and new pictures for Catwoman, The Incredibles and Spider-Man.

Here’s a clip from their article on Catwoman

Halle Berry would like to set a few things straight: “Catwoman” has nothing to do with the “Batman” franchise (no Bruce Wayne, no Gotham City) and features a feline femme who bears no relation to Michelle Pfeiffer’s Selina Kyle — or, for that matter, Julie Newmar’s or Eartha Kitt’s. This is an entirely new legend (a shrewd business decision, since Warner Bros. is working on a separate “Batman” revival). “We’re not saying this is Catwoman,” Berry explains. “I’m my own incarnation, not to be compared to the others.” Still, the Oscar winner and veteran comic-book heroine (she’s “X-Men”‘s Storm) had misgivings about going feral. “I was nervous [about] living up to the women who have played her before. That’s what I struggled with — if I couldn’t bring anything different, then why do it?” So what does she contribute? “There have been other Catwomen who were real actresses, but [none with] the depth of soul and spirit that Halle has,” says Sharon Stone, who joins the meow mix as the scheming wife of a cosmetics mogul. “Halle doesn’t do anything without giving her own pathos and meaning. She’s the real deal.”

For more of the article, check out the magazine. To view the new photo, click here! About Pixar and Disney’s The Incredibles they say…

Lay an egg, Spider-Man! Hang up your claws, Wolverine! There’s a new superhero in town, and he’s “Mr. Incredible…insurance claims adjuster!”

Well, it’s a little more exciting than actuarial tables. Pixar’s newest CG adventure, “The Incredibles,” starts as our nation’s bravest heroes have been forced to trade in their capes for white-collar jobs, but villainy afoot allows a paunchy Mr. Incredible and his family of supersidekicks to suit up again and leave their ranch-house suburb to find tall buildings to leap over in a single bound.

Though you might expect an action stud like Vin Diesel or The Rock to be voicing the herculean Mr. Incredible, the superlead is played by…Craig T. Nelson. (Holly Hunter speaks for his wife, Elastigirl.) “There’s a school of thought that you simply go out and get a bunch of celebrities, the bigger the better, throw some animation around them, and try to coast a little bit on whatever reservoir of goodwill the voice provider has,” says writer-director Brad Bird (“The Iron Giant”), who couldn’t possibly be alluding to bombs like last year’s “Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas” with Brad Pitt and Catherine Zeta-Jones. “I imagine the characters first, and then try to find a voice for them. Craig’s a terrific actor.” Is this a nice way of saying Nelson has a face for voice-over?

Check out the new picture from the film here! And about Spider-Man 2 they say…

Once you’ve won the battle against an evildoer and kissed the babe — upside down, no less — what’s a superhero to do for an encore? In the case of “Spider-Man 2,” director Sam Raimi’s not messing with a winning formula (the original grossed more than $400 million). The sequel, which reunites Raimi with costars Tobey Maguire, Kirsten Dunst, and James Franco, begins two years after the original left off, but stays centered on Spidey’s battles to snare the girl and slay the bad guy. “It’s really a story of one boy turning into a man, trying to understand what it is to be a responsible human being,” says Raimi.

Maybe, but it’s not all life lessons, thanks to the introduction of reviled comic-book character Dr. Octavius, a.k.a. Doctor Octopus, a multi-tentacled megalomaniac played by Alfred Molina. With steel-like appendages to supplement his limbs, “Alfred would have me in stitches with his eight arms and legs, doing his Tevye from ‘Fiddler on the Roof,'” says Raimi. “He sings ‘If I Were a Rich Man.'” Since Molina’s now part of the Spidey franchise, we’re guessing that’s one tune he won’t have to sing much longer.

Don’t miss the awesome new picture from Spider-Man 2 here!

Thanks to ‘spiderfan09’ and ‘Race Neptune’ for the heads up.

Source: Entertainment Weekly