Goldsman’s Supergirl Seeking a New Writer has an interesting update about the possible new Supergirl adaptation, which has no relation to the 1984 Helen Slater film.

Goldsman is not writing, only acting as producer. Weed Road told S-V SuperScooper Robert, “We are seeking a new writer.”

The project is in the development stages (since December 2001) so it could be greenlit or fizzle out at any stage. Well probably have to wait for her close relatives film to go into production before we hear anything solid.

The Execs in charge of this movie are Bob Brassel (shepherding Alexander The Great, Constantine and Superman), David Beaubaire (developing Barbarella and Superhero Summer Camp) and Weed Roads Stephanie Gisondi (working on Chris Nolans The Exec and Superhero Summer Camp).

Visit the link above for more on this. Thanks to ‘Robert’ for the heads up.