More on Halle Berry’s Catwoman Accident

The Vancouver Province has more about Halle Berry’s accident on the Catwoman set. The trade says she was doing a minor stunt scene Saturday evening when she was struck on the head by a lighting prop.

The Oscar-winning star fell to the ground and remained prone while being administered oxygen by first-aid attendants, then got up and walked off the set at the Centre for the Performing Arts.

Berry was driven to St. Paul’s Hospital at about 8 p.m. and remained there for tests until about 3 a.m. yesterday before being returned to her downtown hotel.

“It’s a very safe set — it was just one of those things,” said a crew source, adding that Berry was struck while being filmed in a tight scene involving a revolving rack of lights.

Filming is expected to resume today but it’s not known if she’ll be there. Previously, Berry suffered an eye injury on the “Die Another Day” set and a broken arm on the set of “Gothika”.

Source: Vancouver Province