J.K. Simmons on Playing JJJ in Spider-Man 2

J.K. Simmons chatted with Sci Fi Wire about reprising his role of J. Jonah Jameson in Spider-Man 2. Here’s a clip…

J.K. Simmons, who reprises the role of J. Jonah Jameson in the upcoming sequel film Spider-Man 2, told SCI FI Wire that he gets a bit more to do in the second movie based on Marvel Comics’ most famous superhero. “A little more than the first one, I think,” Simmons said in an interview. “At least we shot a little more. … More fun wacky stuff in the office, and I actually even get to step out of the office a couple of times in this one. … And there’s at least one very fun twist involving my character.”

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Source: Sci Fi Wire