Is Gwen Stacy Still in Spider-Man 2?

An anonymous scooper sent in the following about Spider-Man 2. Is it true? Hard to tell…

Long story short, my buddy pointed me to this page. He is a Spidey maniac. I told him about a scene we’re currently recording for Spider-Man 2. It is called “New Girl” and is IMO a slow paced and rather boring scene. But for some reason, it has the entire studio a buzz. Apparently the girl in the scene with Peter is named Gwen Stacy. I don’t know that for sure, but the name “Stacy” continuously comes up and my buddy told me her name is Gwen. She is some young pretty blond girl who just has a few quick words with Peter. Take this with a grain of salt. None of us know for sure, it’s just the buzz. My buddy showed me a comic with this Gwen chick and I can voucher that it certainly looks like her. Well, any way…I can tell you for sure that the music in that scene is fantastic!

Perhaps it’s foreshadowing for Spider-Man 3? Only time will tell.

Source: Anonymous