Did Cillian Beat Out Viggo for The Scarecrow?

‘Robert’ has the latest on which villain actor Cillian Murphy might play in Christopher Nolan’s new Batman movie.

According to the Irish news website Unison.ie, Cillian Murphy will play the Scarecrow aka Dr. Jonathan Crane and start filming in the summer after a theater tour in Ireland. Here’s a clip from the article:

“Although already hailed as a major player, the 29-year-old Cork actor is set for worldwide fame when he appears as the villain in the next Batman movie. Beating Lord of the Rings superstar Viggo Mortensen to the role of Scarecrow, Murphy will begin filming one of the most expensive movies of the year after his Druid tour ends this summer.”

I asked the Creative Artists Agency ,Viggo Mortensen’s representatives, about Viggo’s rumored role in Batman Intimidation. They completely denied that he’s signed or involved. When I asked what his next movie is, they said: ‘He has no new or next project.’

It’s not unusual for representatives of actor/actresses to deny stories/rumors. This has been proven in the past numerous times. But we’ll have to wait and see what WB announces in the coming weeks.

Thanks for the update!

Source: Unison