More Spider-Man 2 Toys Spotted

We’re receiving more and more reports that Spider-Man 2 toys are hitting stores everywhere. If you’ve spotted some, be sure to make a mention on the message boards here! Here’s two more, with ‘John’ up first…

On January 1, 2004, I went to my local Wal-Mart & Target (Livonia, MI) and both had the new Toy Biz Spider-Man 2 Movie products.

Wal-Mart had:

1.) Spider-Man 2 Vehicle assortment cases (car, bike & boat) I didn’t get the price on these, since they really appeal to me.

2.) Spider-Man 2 figures – Assortment #2 cases (Rapid Punch, Aerial Flipping & Shoot and Slide)

Apparently, since the cases said: “assortmet #2”, that there has to be an “assortment #1” case with the (Super Poseable, Magnetic, Web Trap & Web Climbing figures.) From what I can see on eBay, the “Super Poseable” Spider-Man is the most sought after. This is probably due to it’s “46 Points of Articulation.” This is the largest articulation to be put onto a 6″ figure to date!

I didn’t purchase any of these, since both me & my son both only want the Super Poseable one & maybe the Magnetic one! I believe these were less than $7.00.

One of the guys that was putting these on the shelf went into the back room to see if he could find assortment #1 case, but could not, but did bring out with him the 12″ Spider-Man “27 Points of Articulation” figure. It puts the last 12″ Spider-Man figure to shame!!!! I paid $9.84 for this!!!

Target had:

1.) 12″ Bendie Type Spider-Man. (Looks as cheesy as the last movies!!)

2.) The new Ultimate 18″ Super Poseable Action figure with a whopping “67 Points of Articulation!!!!” At $24.99, it’s worth every penny!!! From what I have seen on eBay, there’s 2 different packaging variations on this figure!

From what I’ve seen so far, the new merchandise looks awesome! I can’t wait to see what they do with Doc Ock!!!

‘Indy B’ also wrote in with word on what he saw…

I live in Cincinnati, Ohio, and have seen Spider-Man 2 action figures at Target. There are four different Spider-Man figures – no other characters. The packaging is a bubble card with Spidey crouching down above the figure. The background is yellowish cityscape, and it’s a brighter card than the ones from the first movie. However, the cards don’t have the extra cardboard that folds over on one edge to made the cards more sturdy. As for the figures, the blue in his costume is much darker on all – almost black. One figure has magnets it’s hands and will spiral down a lamppost; another has a “webtrap”; and a third has only extra webs as accessories. I don’t remember the fourth very well, but they all looked pretty cool.

Source: John, Indy B