More Batman Casting Updates?

Latino Review received the following unconfirmed scoop about the casting for Warner Bros.’ new Batman film…

There’s two villains. There’s one love interest. There’s a young Comm. Gordon. There’s a young Harvey Dent.

The cast are Christian Bale [Batman], Michael Caine [Alfred], Judson Caspian [Viggo Mortensen], Cillian Murphy [Harvey Dent], Katie Holmes [Rachel Caspian], Chris Cooper [Gordon], Elle Fanning [Barbara], Noah Emmerich, as of 11/29/03

They apparently are still finalising the two main villain roles, but everyone from Robert De Niro to Dennis Quaid has tried out, and they should have their man-times two, in a week or two.

Hit the link above for more and thanks to ‘batfan’ for the heads up.

Source: Latino Review