Jessica Biel on Abigail in Blade: Trinity

Wizard magazine has a great new interview with Jessica Biel (“The Texas Chainsaw Massacre”) talking about her role as Abigail in next summer’s Blade: Trinity. What follows are bits from the interview…

Now that you’ve moved to more adult-oriented flicks like “Blade: Trinity,” what’s more fun: being a goody-two-shoes on “7th Heaven” or an ass-kicking vampire slayer?

I love the action stuff, that’s my favorite part of doing “Blade: Trinity.” It’s a blast to come to work every day and not worry about lines and actually think about choreography instead. It’s completely different for me.

You’re playing Abigail, the daughter of Blade’s trainer and confidant, Whistler…

Abigail is Whistler’s daughter, so she’s really mentally strong and kind of a closed-off person because she’s had all this death in her family because of the vampires. I think she feels the need to [pursue] a lot of vengeance for her familiy. She’s more of a stoic character-but incredibly smart and incredibly able, trained and deadly with her weapons. But she just does her job and moves along. She doesn’t take it all in though; she just lets it all roll off of her. There are some vulnerable moments for her, but she’s very stoic.

What’s it like to have Kris Kristofferson playing your dad?

We never actually see Whistler and Abigail together in this movie. I never get to shoot with Kris. But they don’t have a close relationship simply because he’s been training Blade and she came to him when she was probably about 18 or so and said, “This is in me, this is part of my blood. I want to be part of this fight.” So she’s been training separately in secret, but he is her mentor. He’s her hero. She puts him on a pedestal. And as the movie goes on, Abigail begins to see Blade as a father figure because all her life she’s heard about Blade. And here’s this guy, who her father trained for years, and knows her father better than even she does. She idolizes him.

You and Ryan Reynolds, who plays Hannibal King, are the Nightstalkers. Any chance of a spin-off movie?

I’d definitely do a Nightstalkers movie. I think that’s the plan in fact, if this movie does well, that Ryan and I will do a Nightstalkers movie. It’ll be a Hannibal King and Abigail movie.

How do you and Hannibal hook up in the film? You actually save his sorry *ss, don’t you?

Abigail is off killing some vampires and finds Hanibal King. She saves him because he’s already been turned into a vampire. She brings him into her team of people and trains him. At this point in their relationship, they’re a lot like brother and sister-this is her family. It’s a family of vampire hunters, but they’re still a family.

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CORRECTION: The Jessica Biel image that was included with the Wizard article was not from the movie, but instead from an old Flaunt photoshoot (see here). Thanks to ‘Corey’ for the correction.

Source: Wizard magazine