Tom Welling on Smallville & Superman Movie

Tom Welling is starring in the new comedy “Cheaper by the Dozen,” out in theaters now, and he’s been talking about what lies ahead on Smallville and he’s revealed that he’s been approached for the new Superman movie. First up, has up a new audio interview in which you can hear him talking about Smallville. You can check that out here!

‘SpiderX’ also alerted us that Superman Homepage posted a bit about Welling’s appearance on Carson Daly where he talked about the Superman movie.

Tom Welling revealed on NBC’s Last Call with Carson Daly on Tuesday night, that not only had he been approached about the lead role in the up-coming Superman movie, but that he’d met with then-Director Brett Ratner to talk about it.

“I actually went to Brett’s house in Los Angeles and we sat down and talked about it a little bit, both knowing that scheduling would always be an issue,” Welling said.

“Basically, if that movie were to happen, the show would pretty much have to go away, and I don’t think that’s what anybody wants.”

Sounds like that was a while back, since Ratner is no longer directing.

Source:, Superman Homepage