Dunst Talks Spider-Man 2 on David Letterman!

Kirsten Dunst just appeared on the Late Show with David Letterman and ‘Webakin’ has the scoop…

Kirsten Dunst was on Letterman tonight and she talked quite a bit about Spider-Man 2. She commented that it looks a lot better than the first film. She said things that we already knew, like how there is more web swinging across the city for Spider-Man and that her character grows up and has a new boyfriend. She also established that her character does get married in the film and that she probably thinks that Peter Parker is Spider-Man. She also referred to her characters boyfriend/fiancee in the film as MJ’s own personal superhero, which I think is interesting considering the boyfriends history in the comic books.

Thanks for the heads up!

Source: Webakin