Spider-Boy 9 cover by Paco Medina
(Image Source: Marvel / Paco Medina)

Madame Web Reveals Power Limits in a Humorous Way in Spider-Boy #9

Julia Carpenter first found fame as the black-suited Spider-Woman. More recently, she inherited the name and powers of Madame Web. Now physically blind, but blessed with visions of the future, she guides the Spider Society. There are limits to her foresight, however, which are humorously revealed in Spider-Boy #9.

Written by Dan Slott, with art by Paco Medina and Nathan Stockman, Spider-Boy #9 continues the story of Bailey Briggs. Bailey claims to have been the kid sidekick of Peter Parker, but to have been accidentally erased from continuity. This leads him to seek out the Spider Society, in the hope that they can reverse the spell that made everyone forget he exists.

Bailey Briggs Explains Problem in Spider-Boy 9
(Image Source: Marvel)

While Araña, Madame Web, and Silk are sympathetic, they already have their hands full with a similar case. The trio introduces Spider-Boy to Spider-Duck, a variant Spider-Man from another Earth. He claims to have been depowered and dropped onto Earth-616, with no clue as to his home dimension. The Spider Society is in the process of finding Spider-Duck’s home on the Web of Life but has had no success.

Spider-Duck Meets Spider-Boy and Madame Web
(Image Source: Marvel)

Bailey is quick to suspect that the duck in question is something of a rat. He asks Madame Web if there is any way they could tell the difference between a Spider-Duck variant and a talking duck in a Spider-Man suit. This unmasks “Spider-Duck” as Howard the Duck, who was taking advantage of the Spider Society buffet to mooch free meals.

New Madame Web can only foresee big things

Madame Web Silk and Arana with Howard The Duck in Spider Boy 9
(Image Source: Marvel)

The question is raised afterward as to how Madame Web, who claims to see all, did not see through such an obvious con game. Julia defends herself, noting that her powers only let her foresee “the important stuff.” While Howard the Duck sneaking into the Spider Society for free food is a small-scale crime, it is still worrying that the new Madame Web didn’t see such an obvious scam coming.

Spider-Boy #9 is now available at comic shops everywhere.