Exclusive Catwoman Movie Scoop!

An anonymous source has provided us with the latest Catwoman update from Vancouver! The report does contain some spoilers, in case you’re trying to stay away from those…

A VERY interesting scoop for you today. I’m working on the set of Catwoman in Vancouver, and we’ve just recieved the shooting details for the near future, for pre-prep work. There are a couple things that are very interesting:

1). Hedare Cosmetics has a funny connection to Bruce Wayne. It seems he was trying to close the company down, but it didn’t happen (I’m not sure on the specifics). Laurel Hedare & Bruce Wayne are two very rich people, apparently. While Bruce doesn’t make an appearance, his name IS quoted by Laurel herself: Laurel is played by Sharon Stone. And to clear up rumors she has been wonderful on set.

2). Halle Berry’s Catwoman suit has gone through minor changes, though nothing too drastic…there’s still the mask, though it looks much better than the photo WB released. I still don’t understand why they released that, but the mask has been slightly modified from the version in that photo. The costuming wasn’t completely talored-fit for Halle.

3). Catwoman does a LOT of scratching.

Also, WB previously requested to see some ‘very’ rough footage of a few things that have been previously shot. They are being very supportive, yet careful of this project, and are working closely w/ the production. We sent them over a 15 minute reel of footage, and they gave us the thumbs up.

Sounds like nothing but good news, stay tuned for more!

Source: Anonymous