Details on the Upcoming Punisher Game

‘ThePunisher2004’ alerted us that IGN has up new details about the upcoming The Punisher game. Here’s a clip…

Big-time Punisher fans already know the Jonathan Hensleigh-directed movie is coming to movie theaters across the nation in late spring 2004, and THQ hopes to do something a little different with its game in that regard. Volition plans on taking elements from both the Artisan made film and from the classic comic book series to create an intense action game that brings out the best of both mediums.

For instance, simply by looking at the first in-game character shot, you can see The Punisher isn’t created to perfectly re-create Frank Castle from the comics, but he certainly doesn’t look like a perfect re-creation of Thomas Jane either.

Hit the link above for the full article and the first screenshot.

Source: IGN