The Punisher season 2 episode 10 recap

The Punisher Season 2 Episode 10 Recap

Frank Castle approached the threshold to Valhalla both physically and metaphorically in the latest installment of Netflix’s The Punisher. With Amy safe and sound once again, Frank and Curtis set out to take down Russo’s grassroots criminal organization. That proved more difficult than originally thought as Russo was fully aware of their plan and prepared accordingly. No ambush would be good enough to satiate Russo’s thirst for vengeance though. He chose rather to leave his former bestie robbed of his virtue, and, luckily, he had the perfect comrade to figure out how to crush The Punisher’s spirit.

Weakness Of The Flesh

The Punisher Season 2 Episode 10 Recap

Frank’s crisis is coming, but Pilgrim’s is already neck deep in his. He patches himself up in a hotel room, with assistance from some whiskey and blow, after killing his former aryan brothers. He’s devolution into the vices of his old life continues when he forces his way into the neighboring room, taking over an author’s drug and sex party. He procures a sex worker and expounds upon the failures of gang brotherhood as she provides her wares. The mirror that reflects self-deficiency must be broken to find power, but Pilgrim’s words give way to Robbie’s vices. The pattern is broken when Pilgrim hallucinates that the sex worker is Rebecca, causing him to tell her to leave.

The hallucinations continue when he sees what is either a flashback or an imagined carporial conversation with Rebecca. He tells her of his past life as Robbie, scared that it will always define him despite his newfound faith. Rebecca proves forgiving, beckoning her husband to finish his job and come home quickly.


The Punisher Season 2 Episode 10 Recap

Frank and Curtis scope out Valhalla, prepping for a raid on the facility. Frank spots an underground tunnel entrance and centers the plan on it. Stake outs always provide copious amounts of downtime and the duo utilize it to reflect on Frank and Russo’s past. Frank sees many similarities between himself and Russo, but Curtis is quick to point out that Frank isn’t the same psychopath that Russo is. He compares Russo’s influence over his crew to that of the Hashashin, pointing to the exchange of pleasures for loyalty. Losing the money and women will certainly anger them but Frank doesn’t care. They can either get over or die at his hand. Frank and Curtis watch the party arrive at Valhalla, waiting until everyone is liquored up and the innocents leave before infiltrating.

Their plan might not run as smoothly as originally thought though. Russo knows they’re there and has been watching them constantly. He enters the building to tip off his guys and hype them up about the coming fight. The Punisher is coming and he thinks he’s better than Valhalla’s chosen. The crew pledge allegiance to Russo, but he corrects them. This isn’t about me. It’s about us, and we’ve got more than death planned for Frank Castle. The crew mask up and prepare as Frank makes his move.

Personal Hell

The Punisher Season 2 Episode 10 Recap

One day earlier, Dinah and Krista continue their evening chat from the previous episode. Krista can’t help but go full shrink on Dinah as they discuss Russo and Frank. Dinah points out that Russo cannot be understood without first understanding Frank. Both are vicious, but Frank operates with a different set of morals than Russo. Krista pushes back, questioning Frank’s agency in choosing who lives and dies. Dinah agrees but points out that Frank doesn’t kill innocent people, unlike Russo. Frank would feel like he was burning in hell if he did what Russo does.

Dinah questions why Krista wants to help Russo despite his past. Krista is a sucker for a lost cause, believing that even the most damaged are worth saving. Dinah isn’t sold on Krista’s line of thinking, but Krista spins the conversation to focus on Dinah. She asks her what an acceptable outcome would be. The only one in Dinah’s mind results in Russo dead. Krista asks how that makes her any better than Frank or Russo before expounding on the unnatural nature of human happiness. Everyone creates their own hell out of their perceived faults. Dinah asks Krista what her personal hell would be. For Krista, the belief that she can free one of them from their hell is it.

Breaking Point

The Punisher Season 2 Episode 10 Recap

Frank enters the tunnel and walks right into an ambush form Russo’s team. He is slashed, shot and beaten to a pulp as Russo taunts him. Russo orders the crew to break him before finishing the job and leaves. A bloodied Frank fights back, killing them all before running after Russo. He chases him into his office, unloading bullets into the room as Russo escapes. Outside, Curtis talks down a group of Russo’s men after wounding one. He tries to save the wounded vet but is unsuccessful as the man bleeds out in his arms. Back inside, Frank chases Russo into the shot up office to find multiple innocent women shot to death. Frank freezes, broken, forced to confront his actions as the police arrive on the scene.

Russo enters as Dinah leaves Krista’s apartment the previous night. Krista now knows how to break Frank. Take away the idea that he is different than Russo. That he is good.

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