Analysts Say Not as Much Interest for Spider-Man 2?

While these analysts might have something different to say after they see the upcoming Spider-Man 2 trailer (believe us, we know), this is the word from Forbes

Next year’s release of the movie “Spider-Man 2” might not generate as much interest as the original, according to analysts and others who are bearish on Marvel’s prospects, Barron’s said.

The original “Spider-Man” movie, released in 2002, produced $822 million in worldwide receipts, Barron’s reported. And for the first nine months of 2003, Marvel took in $64.5 million from toy licensing, an increase of more than seven times from the same period the previous year.

In contrast, this year’s movie “The Hulk,” based on another Marvel character, didn’t fare as well at the box office and related toy sales amounted to only about 40 percent of Spider-Man sales, according to NPD Group.

Meanwhile, Marvel has today reviewed its synergies in toy and toy licensing operations for these same analysts…

In an effort to provide clarification to investors, analysts and the media, Marvel Enterprises, Inc. today reviewed the key attributes of, and synergies between, its toy and toy licensing operations and one of its licensees, Toy Biz Worldwide Ltd. In addition to this one significant licensee, Marvel has over 35 toy and toy accessory licensees, covering a wide range of categories that fuel sales and brand awareness for all Marvel-branded consumer products.

That full report is available here.

Source: Forbes, Marvel Enterprises