Spectral Motion’s Mike Elizalde on Hellboy

The Average Joes has up a new interview with Spectral Motion, Inc.’s Mike Elizalde in which he talks about the Hellboy movie. Here’s a clip…

JL: You created Sammael and Abe Sapien. From what little we’ve seen they both look amazing. Were there any problems experienced while creating these beauties?

ME: There are certain elements of Sammael’s physiognomy that required a great deal of attention both in the creative process and during filming due to the complexity of the required effect. This particular feature, which I will be able to discuss at length after April 2nd, really called to task all of Mark Setrakian’s technical knowledge and physical and emotional endurance. But in the end Guillermo had his Lovecraftian monster and we have an amazing creature to our credit. Kudos as well to Brian Steele [who plays Sammael in the film] for his outstanding endurance and performance.

With regards to Abe, we only had one significant burp during the pre-production phase. After we conducted the final makeup test on Doug Jones it became apparent that his shoulders and chest weren’t quite beefy enough for a chap who spends a great deal of time swimming, so we had to re-sculpt, remold, and re-run all the shoulder and neck bits and augment the pectorals with inserts as the deadline loomed. Once again the end result speaks for itself.

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Source: The Average Joes