New Catwoman Set Pics From Vancouver

Hollywood North Report managed to snap even more pictures from the Catwoman set in Vancouver and filed this spoilerish report…

NR Photographers “C Feldman” and “Cali Charles” caught up with Catwoman prepping a tow-car scene (or tow-bike if you want to get technical) at Columbia & Powell streets in the Gastown district of Vancouver. Director Pitof was going through the motions with Halle Berry’s Stunt Double and Stand-in; getting the lighting and camera movements sorted out and instructing the stunt double on some moves Of note is that Halle’s Stunt Double is of Asian decent while her Stand-in is of African. Filming is set to take place over the next two evening on streets in the Business District of Downtown Vancouver.

You can check out the images at the link above! Thanks to ‘Mark’ for the alert.

Source: Hollywood North Report