Hulk, X-Men & Ninja Turtle Toys Named Most Violent

CNN reports on an advocacy group that has targeted what they deem to be the most violent toys of the year:

Lion & Lamb alleges that the Casey Jones action figure from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles promotes a vigilante code. The message on the toy’s box says, “Judge, jury and enforcer! … Casey has a unique sense of what’s right or wrong and you better be on the side of right or he’ll slap shot you upside your head with his hockey stick.”

The group also took issue with Power Rangers Ninja Storm video game from California-based THQ Inc (THQI: Research, Estimates).

“Like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, this is another television-generated brand with the message that the best way to solve problems is through violence,” White said, noting that while Power Rangers are portrayed as good guys they solve problems by fighting.

Hong Kong-based Playmates, maker of Ninja Turtles action figures, and video game maker THQ could not immediately be reached for comment.

Also on the list are the WWE Training Day action figures from Jakks Pacific and the WWE Smackdown! video game also from THQ.

Jakks Pacific could not be reached for comment.

The group also warned parents about “The Hulk”, “The Matrix” and “X-Men” movies, DVDs and related toys and video games.

About “The Hulk” toy, the group said the stuffed green toy looks “friendly and harmless as the Jolly Green Giant but is based on a PG-13 movie about rage.”

The X-Men video game is marketed to children age 6 and up, but has been released along with a PG-13 movie, Lion&Lamb said, noting the video game box urges users to “use lethal combo attacks” and “prepare to meet your makers.”

“The Matrix” video game is rated T for teens, yet is based on an R-rated adult movie, the group said. “This game features a “sniper mode” and allows players to “ride shotgun, shooting from passenger’s seat,” it said.

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Source: CNN