Stan Lee on Punisher & Spider-Man 2 Cameos!

‘Runner Under Fire’ attend the Los Angeles Comic Book and Sci-Fi Convention today and heard Stan Lee talk. He said he will be in Spider-Man 2, but not The Punisher. Spoilers ahead!

Hey! Went to the L.A. Shrine monthly comic con and Stan “The Man” Lee was there promoting the X2 dvd and I was lucky enough to ask him a question. Well, I asked him if he got a chance to land a cameo role in The Punisher or Spider-Man 2. And he said there was some kind of scheduling conflict where he couldn’t make it into The Punisher BUT, he made it into spidey 2! He even gets a line that goes something like: “Look! Spider-man stole that kid’s pizza!” He says that we’ll understand how that line plays out in the movie once we see it and that we won’t be looking at him during the scene because he is standing next to a gorgeous woman! Well that’s my 2 cents worth.

Very cool, thanks for the heads up.

Source: Runner Under Fire