David Goyer Talks Blade: Trinity

After writing the first two Blade films (as well as the in-production Batman: Intimidation Game), David Goyer is pulling double duty with Blade: Trinity as writer and director of the final installment of the trilogy starring Wesley Snipes. He wasn’t expecting to direct, but when one of the producers suggested it, Goyer said he “would have to see how it turned out before I said yes or no. After I finished it, I was really pleased – and I thought, ‘Hell yes, I’m gonna direct this!'”

“I just wanted to make sure that this was going to be the best script,” Goyer told Wizard magazine. “And I wanted to make sure that New Line would commit enough money to the budget. Fortunately, the budget for this film is significantly higher that the last two, which gave me confidence that we’d have the tools to actually film all the insanity that I wrote.”

The film will see all-out war between the vampire clans and Blade’s loose band of warriors. “This will probably be the last ‘Blade’ film,” reveals Goyer. “We’re definitely building towards a definite ending for the series. Given that this was the third film, I felt we had to shake things up. In the first movie, Whistler [Kris Kristofferson] talks about the war between the humans and the vampires – how it sometimes spills over into the real world – and I was interested in depicting that. The collision between Blade’s world and the world that we, the audience, live in. What would happen, for instance, if Blade were actually captured by the authorities? How would they respond to his belief in vampires?

Goyer added that “In this film, Blade teams up with a younger group of vampire hunters, the Nightstalkers. [Hannibal] King (Ryan Reynolds) is one of the leaders. He was bitten by a vampire, spent five years as one of them, and was recently freed by another hunter, Abigail (Jessica Biel). King functions as a counter-part to Blade. His methods and attitude are entirely different.”

Source: Wizard Magazine