Joe Quesada Talks The Punisher Movie

‘co2’ reports in on the SHH! Boards from Wizard World Texas where Marvel Editor in Chief, Joe Quesada, talked about The Punisher movie.

I just got back from the first day of the Wizard World Texas convention. They had the huge Punisher movie booth there, that we have all seen in pictures at least. They played the trailers and handed out the token mini-posters and buttons. I also sat in on a q and a session with Marvel’s editor in chief, Joe Quesada. At one point he got off on the topic of the movies remaining faithful to the source material. His said “Wait till you see Punisher”. He said that it stays very true to Garth Ennis’s Welcome Back Frank. He said Ennis was on set to view some sort of explosion. As well, he said that Bradstreet was on set a couple of times to take photos, possibly for his own work. Quesada said a lot of the production design for the film was based on Bradstreet’s art work and that it is evident in the movie poster. Listening to that got me even more worked up.

Source: co2