del Toro to Raffle Hellboy Prop at Wizard World Texas!

Hellboy director Guillermo del Toro has once again provided an update for fans on the official movie site’s website. Here’s some bits…

Anticipated apologies. I will be in the Texas convention this weekend, so my Q&A has to be done today and won’t resume until about 10-12 days from now . I will be brief since we are in the mixing stage in ONE HOUR….

At the Texas convention we will have a small but really nice prop from the movie with us and it will be raffled amongst the audience.

9) It’s great to hear that you have all theis plans for movies like Mountain of Madness aso … but I was wondering, if (or rather WHEN) Hellboy hits the movies and it becomes a big hit, and the studio decides it’s worthwhile to do a sequel… will you be too busy with another movie?

I would love to do another HB movie.

The full Q&A is available at the link above and more info on this weekend’s convention can be found here!

Source: Official Site