The Scarecrow to Make Batman Appearance?

Cinescape has received a rumor that The Scarecrow might turn up in Christopher Nolan’s upcoming Batman movie…

As development continues on the fifth BATMAN movie, one of our friends from across the Atlantic Ocean wrote in to tell us of a juicy casting rumor making the rounds over in England. According to our informant, there’s talk that BATMAN director Christopher Nolan is seeking to cast an actor for a villain role at the beginning of the film. This character is known to fans of Batman lore, and at one time was rumored to be the main villain in a fan script known as THE FRIGHTENING: none other than The Scarecrow.

According to our source, the film’s primary bad guy will remain R’as al Ghul, the immortal whose vision of a world without chaos reaches through centuries of time. But the idea is to introduce the Scarecrow early in the film to show audiences that this BATMAN movie is different than its predecessors; namely, that it’s darker and scarier, and that the rogues that Batman face in Nolan’s vision of Gotham City are far more dangerous than the ones seen in Joel Schumacher’s BATMAN movies.

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Source: Cinescape