Indiagames Releasing Spider-Man for BREW Network

Indiagames Ltd., a leading developer and publisher of games, today announced a wide-array of new titles developed for QUALCOMM’s Binary Runtime Environment for Wireless(TM) (BREW) platform, including the popular Spider-Man game, published under license with Marvel Characters, Inc. and Activision, Inc.

The wireless version of Indiagames’ Spider-Man title is a side scrolling platform game where Spider-Man’s mission is to rescue hostages taken by his arch enemy, the Green Goblin. Players can maneuver the superhero to scale skyscrapers, jump, web-sling through the air, and punch, battle and spin webs around enemies. The game will be available by December 2003 in eight languages for operators offering BREW-based applications.

“Indiagames is thrilled to offer its new BREW-based titles to wireless subscribers around the globe as it presents us with the opportunity to reach an enormous audience by utilizing one of the world’s most popular superheroes,” said Vishal Gondal, chief executive officer, Indiagames. “Our company has been successful at developing high-quality games for every game platform, and we felt it was the right time to jump into the wireless game space using QUALCOMM’s BREW system. The system offers us a superior business model — from development to the distribution and billing of our games in multiple languages for regions around the world.”

“Indiagames has creatively delivered one of America’s favorite superheroes through a unique wireless game that Spider-Man fans will enjoy worldwide,” said Dave Anderson, director of business development and licensing for Activision, Inc. “Activision and Marvel are extremely pleased to have partnered with Indiagames as we anticipate joint success in the wireless space with the new BREW-based Spider-Man offering.”

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Source: Indiagames Ltd.