Guillermo del Toro Hellboy Update!

Guillermo del Toro has answered more questions from fans about the Hellboy movie on the official message board. Here’s a rundown of the highlights…

This past few days have been very crazy, what with the TEASER POPSTER about to be on theatres this week (WITH MATRIX) and the trailer getting ready (will debut with THE MISSING and then LAST SAMURAI) plus the usual work on the editing, etc

7) If the corpse in the hellboy movie is a tribute to the corpse storyline, please tell me the corpse loses his arm only for Mr. Boy to wonder what a dead guy needs with his arm.

He is a wink to the fans BUT he doesn’t loose his arm. His cameo is brief but delightful.

13) I love Santiago Segura, he´s the funniest man in the world. Loved “Torrente, El Brazo Tonto de la Ley” and “Torrente 2: Misión Marbella”, and his cameo in Blade 2. How long is gonna be his cameo in Hellboy? Is he going to interact with Hellboy in some way?

Yes. There is a scene where Torrente fights Hellboy. Not exactly what you might think, but very funny.

14) Is Hellboy gonna have a worldwide realise or what?

Absolutely. Nos vemos en Espana.

18) Has the studio given you freedom enough to make exactly the kind of movie you wanna do?

100% freedom.

20) I was wondering if the “Art Of Hellboy” movie book is going to be released before or after the movie?

A few weeks before.

21) Theres also been some videos online of I guess a trade show where it shows clips and the costumes and such. And was wondering if that will be on the dvd or could you post a better copy on the site or something?

The “Sizzle Reel” will be FULLY available in an UPDATED stage in the next 3 weeks. HERE in this site.

Source: Official Site