Keanu Reeves Talks Constantine

‘snazzy J’ tells us that Keanu Reeves mentions Constantine in the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly, for which he is on the cover for “The Matrix Revolutions”.

In the latest Entertainment Weekly, Keanu Reeves talks a little about his role in Constantine, among other things. It’s first mentioned when they’re talking about his upcoming roles:

“And after that…well, you can follow him into hell, or at least halfway. That’s where his next big role–hard-boiled ethereal middleman John Constantine, of the Hellblazer comic–will strand him.”

Later, it says, “But Reeves generally prefers his heroics gray, not black-and-white, which is why he’s so fond of John Constantine, his next major screen incarnation. In Constantine, he plays a bloke who’s on barely speaking terms with both heaven and hell. ‘And he hates them both,’ Reeves reports with great satisfaction. ‘I think that was actually always the attractive thing about Batman–he had some kind of inner demon.’ He contemplates this for a second, then grins wistfully. ‘But I didn’t get to play that guy. Now I’m too old.'”

Source: snazzy J