Kirsten Dunst Talks Spider-Man 2!

‘Peter Norbot’ sent us this update about the new issue of Wizard magazine (Spoilers Ahead!)…

Picked-up the latest issue of wizard and they had a QandA with Mary Jane herself, Kirsten Dunst. She states.

* “She’s more grown up in this one, living on her own, making something of herself and get frustrated with Peter a lot cause he’s always letting her down. Giving up all hope that they have a relationship.”

* “I do a stunt scene where Doc Ock wraps his mechanical arms around my waste and holds me up in the air”

* “John Jameson is a real sweety, he’s not like a jerk when MJ dated Flash, but he doesn’t have that charm and love to him that MJ loves so much about Peter.”

Pick up the magazine for the rest of the article!

Source: Peter Norbot