mOcean Creates the Hellboy Trailer

Wired talked about who exactly is behind those cool trailers that pull you into films. They report that mOcean created the upcoming Hellboy trailer, scheduled for release with “The Last Samurai” on December 5.

CREDITS: 8 Mile, The Salton Sea, Snatch, Underworld

NOW PLAYING: The trailer for the comic turned flick Hellboy.

GETS THE NOD FOR: Splicing together the essential geek chic and mainstream-pleasing ingredients of Hellboy – a superheroic task. mOcean also pulled off the fast-paced, razor-sharp editing in the Underworld trailer, which stirred up enough chatter (and nabbed enough viewers) to get its B-movie material into A-list theaters.

You can check out a lot of the company’s work at their official website!

Source: Wired