William Goldman on Captain Marvel, Spidey & More!

‘Icepick’ sent Superhero Hype! this great scoop from this weekend’s Screenwriting Expo 2!

I just saw William Goldman speak at the Screenwriting Expo 2 in Los Angeles. He said some things that might be of interest to your readers.

When asked about the Captain Marvel movie, he said that he’s finished his screenplay, but he has no idea whether the movie will be made, and if so, whether they will use his script.

He said that they are trying to keep the true cost of Spider-Man 2 a secret, but a source told him that the cost could be as high as $225 million.

He was originally asked to write the first Superman movie, but he turned it down because he never thought they would be able to find a star to do it. If he’d known they would hire an unknown, he would have done it.

He loved Spider-Man, but was glad The Hulk did poorly, so that it will be more likely that Hollywood will make more serious films. He generally hates sequels.

He’s a big comic book fan, but his mother gave away his comic book collection when he was young. For revenge, he would send his mother news clippings about the price some of his old comics sell for at auctions.

Check out the writer’s full filmography here.

Source: Icepick