Dr Pepper Renews Tie-In for Spider-Man 2

Hispanic Business reports that Dr Pepper will be back for Spider-Man 2

The company promises a “banner” year for national promotions to heighten retailer and consumer excitement for the products. One winter effort features a chance for a consumer to pay off their mortgage up to $200,000 in the Dr. Pepper “Bring It Home” sweepstakes. In the summer, Dr Pepper renews its 2002 Spider-Man tie-in with a Spider-Man 2 tie-in. The tie-in features product placement in the movie, which opens July 2, 2004, and a multi-million dollar ad effort. By fall 2004, Dr. Pepper plays on its relationships with collegiate football conferences.

Perhaps they should have Doc Ock hold up one can with each tentacle! Now THAT would be a promo.

Source: Hispanic Business, Countingdown