Val Kilmer Hated the Batman Forever Suit?

‘Tiger’ wrote in with this bit from the Conan O’Brien show…

Well looks like Val Kilmer hated the Batsuit. He was on Conan O’Brien tonight promoting his new movie ‘Wonderland’. Conan asked him about ‘Batman Forever’ and he didnt really wanted to talk about it but Conan said that he thought that he was a good batman. A few people clapped in the audience. He then asked him about the Batman suit. Val said that he hated it cause it made him feel like an old man. He couldnt do anything with it. He couldnt move and he needed help to go to the bathroom. He then asked him if he kept the suit and he said no but he kept the gloves cause his kid liked them. There was no mention of ‘Batmnan: Intimidation Game’.

Hopefully they’ll make the suit a bit more comfortable for Christian Bale!

Source: Tiger