The Punisher Filming Details for Last Night & Today!

More spoilers follow fans, with word on what was filmed last night for The Punisher and where they’ll be filming today. First up is ‘JC’…

I left from class last night at Ybor campus HCC, and drove to downtown Ashley st building. There is a big sign on the side of the 400 N Ashley St bldg that says “Saints & Sinners club. When I drove about a half a mile up to UT, there was a huge production set in the Falk theater. The black GTO was parked across the street from it and Jane was inside the vehicle. They were filming a scene were the wife of Saint was leaving a store(i think it was a gym), and walking to her car, a silver Jaguar convertible( maybe XK8). She would open the door and take her purse out, hit the alarm, and walk right up to the theater,nothing special. Jane did some scenes while inside the car with the theater in the background. He got out later and had a smoke, and they resumed filming inside the theater. Jane was dressed with black pants and black dress shirt, no Punisher Tee!. One of the crew guys said that they will be filming tonight(9-23) at Saints club. I asked when we will get to see Jane Wearing trademark shirt, and he said that it will be impossible for anyone to see him with it on since the security will be blocking off all the public at least two blocks. It is supposedly the big hush hush on the set. The security wasn’t that tight last night because I was able to stand right across the street from the theater, about 2 ft from the GTO, while standing next to a lot of equipment. Some production guy came to the car, started it and drove it down the block. It sounded awesome as he revved the engine a bit. The prod. guy also mentioned that they should be wrapping up by Oct 15, only a few weeks left. I wish I had my camera, people all over were taking pictures and no one said anything. I’ll let you guys know if I see anything else soon!

Next is ‘XIII’…

Punisher last night: They were not filmming at the bank last night. I was told they filmed Jane and someone talking in front of the tampa college with his car. I got there around 9pm and saw them filming. Right across the street from the college is an old theater that I think is a college or its a college that looks like an old theater. But anyways..they were filming the actress Laura Harring walking down the street and into the “theater” that was set up to be a film festivel. They filmed it 3 different ways with extras and then called for lunch. As I was leaving me and my brother met Thomas Jane who was very nice and signed a autograph for us. They must have filmed again after lunch but it was going on 11pm so I went home. I was talking to people and found out the bank shoot should be tonight and that Rebecca Romijn-Stamos was done filming and is most-likely not in town anymore.

Then we got the following note from ‘Codename Viper’…

The Punisher movie is filming Tuesday, September 23 at 400 Ashley Street in Tampa starting at 4pm. Wrapping up around 5am. They are filming the introduction of Howard Saint’s character and his wife.

Source: Superhero Hype!