Guillermo del Toro Answers More Hellboy Questions!

Hellboy director Guillermo del Toro continues to answer fans’ questions about the movie on the official message boards. Here’s a rundown of most of the latest update…

12) In the film – why the romance beween Liz and Hellboy? It always seemed like they were little more than good friends (if anything Abe seemed more emotionally attached to her) – having read the comics for ages the idea of hellboy in love versus the straight up ass kicker in the comics seems a bit odd…

– HELLBOY is both. If you remember in ALMOST COLOSSUS he freaks out when Liz is apparently dead. I loved that moment and thought it a great contrast between the guy that can pound a monster one minute and yet be overwhelmed by a petite girl the next. This contrast and this love story were my way into articulating the movie.

Secondly – Lovecraft. I’ve always found it weird how when his name gets mentioned people tend to say ‘Oh yeah – tentacles’. Weird simply because most of his stories focused on that whole cold alien horror, which manifested in odd angles, inhuman colours and the like – big octopuses in R’yleth sort of seemed like a distraction from the whole true evil in his universe… So I was wondering how you planned to visualise the shuggoths, etc in the Mountains of Madness…

-First and foremost Lovecraft is about the horror of putting human existance in PERSPECTIVE. How tiny we are. Ants in the Cosmic picnic. Then about the atrocious biology that our heroes face, a crynoid, pisciform, mollusk-like aberration that is augmented by their fear of its intelligence and hatred for our mortal form. I will take at least 3 months with a team of artists before we can lock on a look for the creatures.

17) Are there any plans of doing a comic-adaption of the Hellboy movie? This may seem weird considering the movie is based on the SotD-album, but there seems to be enough changes to the actual story in the movie to make a comic that isn´t a copy of SotD. If yes, is Mignola planned to do it?

Mike and I agreed from the start that there would be NO adaptation of the movie. We want to keep HELLBOY separate in both mediums. I think is a better choice than starting to meddle with the mythos that exist in pen-and-ink and those created in film. It is both a respectful attitude and the desire ofa fan and the creator to keep them like that.

On the other hand Mike is going to incorporate a few ideas and images from the movie to his future stories. I guess he likes the movie!!

20) what else can you tell us about post-production? Who else is doing voice tests? What have you seen of the CGI or modeling?

We are barely into 5% of the CGI being delivered but we have finished most the modelling and paint jobs. They look extremely sweet. No other voices will be replaced. Doug goes to the booth next week -I hope.


I did answer that, didn’t I??? Santiago Appears ina crucial scene with Hellboy and his cameo is very, very funny.

25) What can you tell us about the upcoming sideshow merchandise (have you seen any of it, what are you most looking foward to)?

I just saw the sculpts for their ABE and HELLBOY figures and busts and they are astounding!!!!

33) I’m curious about the role of Professor Broom in the movie. In the comics, though he is often mentioned as Hellboy’s surrogate father, and it is clear that Big Red definitely loved him (Awww!), but he never gets the chance to show it; their relationship is never explored (for obvious reasons) in Seed. From what I’ve seen and read, it would appear as if John Hurt’s Broom has a much larger role in the movie; is that the case?

-Yes, absolutely. The movie explores this further than the comic ever did.

35) Are there any scary moments in Hellboy, anything intentionally surprising in its darkness. Horror surely isn’t the tone of the entire movie, but maybe there will be a few SPOOOKY bits we might enjoy?

There are PLENTY of creepy moments in the movie.

36) Will there be any internal monologue from Hellboy?

Not at all.

41) I remember hearing that red would play a big part in making HB stand out in the much if that will be post-production, e.g. film-treatment,filtering..?

We will digitally process chunks of the movie to take advantage of HB being red -specially when he’s a baby. Red is the most agressive color in the spectrum and one that “bleeds” a lot electronically. If you see many of the stills from the movie, Ron can look “brownish” garish red or even orange. So we will have to be careful in processing the film in post.

45) Any reference to Hellboy’s mom or his half-human nature in the film? Do you think that beautiful Chained Coffin scene might see celluloid at any point in the future, animated or in a sequel?

There will be a lot to do about that in the sequel because Hellboy’s nature will be put to trial one more time.

46) Just how Goth is Liz in the movie? Will she look anything like the badass in the latest issue of Weird Tales?

She is very different in the movie. The Goth aspect gave way to a different look that I found more “natural” in the movie. She is almost “uniformed” in the comics in that little purple/black number just because her appearances are few and far apart. I couldn’t sustain her looking like that in every one of the scenes. She’s more conflicted and shut-in in the movie. Not the snappy Goth-chic that she is in the comics.

50) I hear you’ll be at Wizard World TX in November. Plan on bringing anything special to your panel?

Well, yes, since the OCT trailer may move to NOV (Teaser poster on theaters in OCTOBER) WIZARD WORLD may be the place to debut the full-size trailer. We’ll see.

Maybe I’ll bring Ronny-boy.

51) Have you given any thought to the opening titles of the movie yet. Cause I was thinking (well it came to me a dream really). And I was thinking of as the opening credits roll there would be different shots of “sightings” and artists renderings of hellboy.

The title sequence has -since the first draft of the script- been designed to include footage and blurry photos and newspaper clippings, etc, etc…

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