Doc Ock Spider-Man 2 Clip Screened Again!

Scooper ‘Sidjum’ tells us he just had a chance to also see the new clip featuring Doc Ock from Spider-Man 2. It’s the same clip that was shown at Comic-Con 2003 (Spoilers ahead!)…

In the laboratorium Dr Octavius in laying face down on the operating table. His tentacles are spread out to all directions of the lab and covered by a cloth. On a monitor the doctor shows how the tentacles are connected to Octavius’ nerve system. The doctor comes walking with a circular saw and makes a joke about the suituation and his assistants laugh about it.

Just before he wants to use the saw, Octavius senses that something is going to happen and while still laying face down one of his tentacle attacks the doctor and throws him against the wall (he flies with multiple flips through the air!) Then all his tentacles start attacking the medical team and killing them all in a quite voilent way. The eyes in the tentacles can see everything and attack everybody.

Seeing this clip reminded me of Evil Dead as Sam’s film style in this clip is very ‘Evil Dead style’! The scene ends with Dr Octavius standing up in the middle of the lab with some backlighting and spreading out his arms with a loud scream.

I must say that this clip alone (3 min) was more voilent than the whole of Spider-man 1.

Source: Sidjum