Sharon Stone Talks Catwoman on E! & ET

Sharon Stone is spreading the word that she’s part of the Catwoman cast. Here’s ‘A1ant’ with the first bit…

Sharon Stone was shown on E! News Live, giving an interview and she mentioned that SHE IS doing Catwoman…so a confirmation from the actress herself, and she confirms that she will be the head of a cosmetics company in the film.

Later she also appeared on Entertainment Tonight and ‘Tiger’ says…

Hi, i just watched ‘ET’ and there was an interview with Sharon Stone. They asked her about ‘Catwoman’ and she said “yes i am in Catwoman. I wanted to work with Halle Berry for a while now and i can imagine that this will be a blast” (or something like that) So Sharon Stone in ‘Catwoman’ is 100% sure at this moment.

Source: A1ant, Tiger