The Punisher Spy Reports From Tampa!

We received two interesting bits from Tampa today on The Punisher production. First up is ‘XIII’ with news about one of the sets being used…

I was driving home from work and checked out the old building they are fixing up for the movie. The front of the place has new windows that says “Railroad Hotel”. There was also clothes and bed sheets hanging outside on a clothes line. There were also three cars in parked next to the building and railroad trax that are smashed up with broken windows and bashed up bodies.

Meanwhile, ‘Jay Core’ caught a glimpse of Rebecca Romijn-Stamos’ look for the film…

Last that I had heard, Rebecca Romijn Stamos was in negotiations to star in The Punisher, but that was back in June/July. I can confirm that I spotted her dining at the Samba Room in Old Hyde Park on Saturday, August 30 with John.

She definitely looked different, perhaps for the part? Her hair is shorter and more blond than I remember ever seeing it on her before. Still smoking hot, if I do say so myself. Any word on what her role might be?

Rebecca plays Joan, the alluring neighbor of Frank Castle (Thomas Jane) with a troubled past who comes into his life after his family is killed.

Source: XIII, Jay Core