Jessica Simpson in Fantastic Four?

While you couldn’t pay us to believe anything that Star Magazine says, every once in a while they mention something that is accurate (rarely though). Check this out from ‘Chris’.

In the September 2nd isssue of Star Magazine there is an article about Jessica Simpson and the second to last sentence is, “And she is set to play a sexy superheroine in a new Fantastic Four movie.” Just thought I’d let ya know.

Fantastic Four is still scheduled for December of next year. That would be strange though, as her manager and dad just told MSN that Jessica would be playing a Marvel character in a summer 2004 movie. That could only mean either Spider-Man 2 or Blade: Trinity, both scheduled during the summer. Perhaps her dad had the release date wrong?

She would make a good Invisible Woman (but who would really want her to be invisible!).

Source: Chris