New Punisher Set Photos Here

‘Mannix’ wrote the following on the SHH! Boards

Driving home from work, I noticed the familiar “Crew Parking” signs associated with the production and grabbed my cam. Seems they’ve been working on an old brick building in a “not-so-nice” area outside of downtown. From the outside, this would make a perfect “hideout” location. JUST A GUESS!

They’ve built a fake, nicely tiled lobby facade within the front – along with a stairway to nowhere. New, frosted windows have been put upstairs.

But, by the look of the exterior (the ‘for sale’ banner not taken down, cement bricked-in windows), this may just be used for interior shots. Looks like they’re shooting soon – I’ll try to check it out!

Check out the pictures at the link above!

Source: Mannix