Welcome to what we hope will be the first in a series of SHH spotlights on “Superhero Filmmakers” – Featuring fan-made films for superhero fans!

With the current onslaught of Superheroes these days both on the big and small screens, it’s good to know that even and unknown hero can have HER day! Enter RetroGirl, the creation of independent filmmaker Andy Rodriquez of Phoenix Arizona. If you were more than a little disappointed by the WB’s ‘Birds of Prey’ and the lack of real comic book costumed action… look no further! RetroGirl is a time-traveling, butt kicking heroine that looks pretty damn good in tight fitting spandex.

The basic premise finds college student Jessica de la Fuente given her “retro” powers (a costume & retroband) from mysterious time traveler RetroWoman. With her new-found powers, Jessica in full RetroGirl gear must try and save the life of a friend all the while being pursued by a Temporal Sentinel stalking her every move. Andy has produced three continuing episodes in the RetroGirl saga with a forth episode in the works. Interestingly each episode has featured a different actress in the roll of RetroGirl. Melissa Brady-Black, Tawnya Gentleman & Katina Baloun (respectively). This has not stopped the filmmaker from dealing with this change in a creative yet affective way, you see RetroGirl with the help of RetroWoman has the ability to change her appearance. RetroGirl #2, Tawnya Gentleman (pictured) seems to be the hands down favorite with fans, and we must say she does fill out the costume nicely!

SHH asked Andy what his influences were, how he shot the films and what the future holds for RetroGirl.

”Growing up, my favorite comic was the Fantastic Four and their sense of teamwork that sometimes came at a price. I didn’t get into Batman or Spider-Man until young adulthood. Of course, I had discovered the super females: Batgirl, PowerGirl, Supergirl and like any 14 year old, found them intriguing. As a result, my fans seem to really love the work with the super heroines I’ve created. Sexy, independent, willing to fight if need be to protect themselves or others. RetroGirl is shot on digital video with a film-mask. It looks like 35mm in most places and has an “X-Files” look to it. RetroGirl Episode Four: Nightmare, will be a combination of the sexy imagery of Episode Two and the sci-fi action/horror of Episode Three. You will see RetroGirl trapped in a living nightmare. I don’t want to give it all away, but this adventure will be her descending further and further into a nightmare with all the elements super heroines fear. The script pulls no punches…We’ll leave it at that. Production begins on episode four in April”

You can check out Andy Rodriguez’s New Phoenix Filmworks website for more on RetroGirl and his other creation Dark Fury.

Source: Superhero Hype!