Why Wouldn’t Kevin Smith Direct Superman Now?

‘jmart’ send us this bit about what director Kevin Smith said why he wouldn’t take on the Superman movie…

Newsaskew just posted an article taken from e! online about how Kevin Smith would feel directing the new Superman movie. Here is the paragraph:

Man of Stealing Away Quietly: Movie fans, you all know Kevin Smith wrote a draft of the new Superman movie, and that it may have renewed interest in the property enough for Warner Bros. to greenlight its current mess. You may also recall that Smith wanted Nicolas Cage to star as the Man of Steel. Well, now the directing job’s open (again!), so we wondered if Smith would like the gig. As it turns out, he doesn’t. “Too big,” he protests. “Too big and too many people in the audience who are like, ‘You’re doing it wrong, you’re doing it wrong.’ And I’d be the guy in the audience going, ‘You’re doing it wrong!’ I don’t want to be subjected to that.” But wasn’t that true when Smith wrote the Superman script he intended to direct years ago?

Source: jmart