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Every Guardians of the Galaxy Actor James Gunn Could Cast for the DCU

Filmmaker and DCU architect James Gunn is known for casting performers he works well with. The most recent example is Nathan Fillion being cast as Guy Gardner in the upcoming Superman: Legacy.

This has made fans curious which Guardians of the Galaxy actors Gunn might bring into the DCU. Here are some potential choices.

Chris Pratt as Booster Gold

Booster Gold and Skeets

Known as “The Greatest Hero You’ve Never Heard Of,” Booster Gold is one of DC Comics most divisive heroes. After a gambling scandal, disgraced athlete Michael Carter robbed a museum and traveled back in time to become a superhero. Despite being obsessed with fame and fortune, Carter’s good heart won out over his greed. He ultimately became a secret guardian of DC Comics’ timeline.

Rumors that James Gunn would cast Chris Pratt as Booster Gold began shortly after Gunn announced a DCU Booster Gold Max series. Booster has much in common with the MCU‘s Star-Lord, being a reformed thief with a hero’s heart. Booster also has a comedic side, which would play well to Pratt’s strengths as an actor.

Gunn has not confirmed the rumors, beyond a Threads post where he said “There are Reasons” Chris Pratt would not play himself in the DCU. Pratt, for his part, is agreeable to the idea of playing Booster Gold. In an interview with Rolling Stone, Pratt said he “would have to consider it,” if Gunn thought he was right for the part.

Dave Bautista as Bane

DC Comics Bane

The man who “broke the Bat” has long been a dream role of Drax actor Dave Bautista. He reportedly approached Warner Bros. about playing Bane in 2021, despite being told nothing was in the works for the character. Ironically, James Gunn taking over DC Studios seems to have eliminated any possibility of Bautista taking the role.

In a January 2023 interview, Dave Bautista told GQ he had given up on his dream. “I don’t think at this point in my career that I can bring justice to Bane anymore,” Bautista admitted. He also discussed conversations with James Gunn about the DCU, and how Gunn was “starting from scratch and starting younger.” Despite this, there are still ways Dave Bautista could play Bane in some capacity.

While the DCU in general is casting younger actors, The Brave and the Bold will reportedly feature an older Batman. It might be interesting to pit this Batman against an older Bane, who is more dependent on his mind than his muscles. Dave Bautista would be ideal to play one of the comics’ older, more cerebral takes on Bane. Another possibility is Bautista voicing Bane for an animated DCU project.

Karen Gillan as Poison Ivy

Poison Ivy DC Comics

Karen Gillan — who played Nebula in the MCU — is another creator with eyes on the DCU. In a 2020 interview with Omlette, Gillan spoke of wanting to play Barbara Gordon and possibly directing a Batgirl movie. This seems unlikely, however, with Warner Bros. having shelved one Batgirl movie already.

A stronger possibility is Karen Gillan playing Poison Ivy in the DCU. Gillan discussed the character with Total Film magazine, noting she “always thought that Poison Ivy was really fun.” She also expressed a desire to work with James Gunn again. describing their work together as “one of the great joys of my career so far.”

It is worth noting that Margot Robbie has also expressed a desire to work with James Gunn again, following The Suicide Squad. Robbie also told Vanity Fair that she was pushing for her next appearance as Harley Quinn to feature a Poison Ivy romance. An action comedy starring Margot Robbie and Karen Gillan as Harley and Ivy sounds like easy money for DC Studios.

The Other Guardians in the DCU

In a January 2023 interview with Empire, James Gunn named Chris Pratt, Pom Klementieff, Dave Bautista, Zoe Saldaña and Karen Gillan as the actors he most wanted to work with again. “Probably at my other job,” he added laughing. There are no specific casting rumors regarding Saldaña or Klementieff, although the latter’s name was mentioned as another person for whom Gunn had plans in the DCU.