The Flash Season 5 Episode 11 Recap

Earlier this season on The Flash, we learned that Barry’s daughter, Nora, was working with Eobard Thawne, the Reverse-Flash. Last week’s episode shed some light on the subject, when Nora visited Thawne in the future. Thawne gave Nora everything she needed to go back to the past and know her father. But she was enraged over the fact that he killed her namesake, Nora Allen, just to strike at her father, Barry. Unfortunately, it was Barry himself who unintentionally convinced Nora to give Thawne another chance. While Thawne awaits her next move in the future, The Flash season 5 episode 11 once again trotted out Cicada.

Cicada’s Back

The Flash Season 5 Episode 11 Recap

Everyone’s favorite metahuman serial killer celebrated his return by startling his confidant, Dr. Ambres. She warned him about the police monitoring his niece, Grace, back at the hospital. Ambres also put Cicada in touch with a disgruntled police officer with a grudge against metas. With new intel in hand, Cicada went on a killing spree. Team Flash quickly realized what was happening. But in their subsequent confrontation with Cicada, Nora was seemingly crippled.

While Nora recuperated from her serious injuries, Team Flash made plans to put Central City’s metahuman criminals into protective custody. Barry’s anger over Nora’s condition also made him seriously contemplate killing Cicada.

Killer Within

The Flash Season 5 Episode 11 Recap

Cisco was MIA while working on the metahuman cure. In the interim, Killer Frost was sabotaging Caitin’s research at every opportunity. Only Ralph was able to get Killer Frost to admit that she did it because she was afraid Caitlin would eventually cure herself. However, Ralph pointed out that Caitlin spent months trying to restore Killer Frost when she was seemingly cured. Killer Frost also played a key role in moving the metahuman criminals and in the battle against Cicada.

As a peace offering to her other self, Killer Frost restored Caitlin’s research. They were also able to communicate with each other without a special device. Additionally, Killer Frost gave Caitlin a sample of Cicada’s blood, which may allow her and Cisco to achieve their goals.

Regarding Nora

The Flash Season 5 Episode 11 Recap

Because Cicada’s dagger drained some of Nora’s powers, she wasn’t able to immediately heal from her injuries. Barry was so enraged that Cecile overheard him thinking about killing Cicada for hurting his daughter. Meanwhile, Sherloque and Ralph figured out that Cicada had a list of metahuman criminals that he could have only gotten from the cops. As Team Flash made plans to put the meta criminals in protective custody, Sherloque moved forward with his investigation of Nora herself.

Iris confronted Sherloque over his inquiry into her daughter, but he ultimately refused to back down. After using the computer to analyze Nora’s time diary, Sherloque determined that more than one person had written it.

The Metashank Redemption

The Flash Season 5 Episode 11 Recap

Team Flash tracked down Norvok, PeekABo, and other metahumans criminals to keep them safe from Cicada. Norvok revealed that he got the snake in his head during the particle accelerator explosion by saving a kid from the snake. He vowed to never act altruistically again. But when Cicada had the metas cornered, Norvok stepped up and ushered them to the helicopter with Ralph’s help. Ralph even saved Norvok’s life when Cicada’s dagger was heading in his direction.

Barry was on the verge of killing Cicada, when Nora arrived and talked her father down. Cicada used the opportunity to escape, and turned his obsessive gaze to Nora. At police headquarters, Cecile had Cicada’s informant arrested before she laughed off the suggestion that she could read his mind. Later, Barry told Iris that he knew how to defeat Cicada. They would bring him down by appealing to his fatherly feelings for Grace, and by curing the young girl.

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