Meet Mirror Master in Our Recap of The Flash Episode 3.04

We find out about more people who became metahumans when the particle accelerator exploded three years ago every week on The Flash and now we know about Sam Scudder and Rosalind Dillon, former members of Leonard Snart’s crew that went (ahem) rogue. Sam has the ability to travel through mirrors, while Rosalind is capable of inducing extreme vertigo in people, a trippy combo. Meanwhile at STAR Labs, Barry and Jesse train to improve her speedster abilities and the others come up with the idea of finding another Harrison Wells in the multiverse so that Harry can return home and stop coming back. That night, Barry and Iris stay in for a date, but Barry panics when Joe comes home, prompting Iris to make him talk to Joe about it (it goes as awkwardly as you’d expect).

For Mirror Master, it seems like one day but it’s been three years since he went in that mirror, and he’s looking for Snart to get some revenge, but no one knows where he’s at. As Team Flash continues their pursuit of a new Dr. Wells, Jesse and Wally have some alone time and maintain teenager awkwardness. They like each other, but Jesse is about to go back to Earth-2, so he doesn’t want to get serious with her. Naturally they change subjects to how she got her powers, which “awakened” in her and prompts Wally to try the same to no avail. I think he only likes Jesse for her speed.

Joe continues his hunt for Scudder and goes to see Rosalind at Iron Heights, only for her to be broken out by her boo; later she shows him her powers too after reconciling the three-year departure. Team Flash searches through the other-worldly Wells that have contacted them including a Cowboy Wells, Steampunk Wells, French Wells, and ultimately a hipster Wells from Earth-19 (note: Earth-19 in DC Comics proper is the home of “Batman: Gotham by Gaslight,” a Victorian era of the DCU so it seems things were changed for the series here). Though Harry is apprehensive about reaching out to this Wells, Cisco and Caitlin like him.

Family movie night takes an awkward turn as Iris asks Barry why he’s being so weird, and frankly he doesn’t have a good answer or reason. Luckily a bank is being robbed by the pair of metas they’ve been looking for so he can avoid it a little longer. Jesse tags along to put her training to the test. They confront Mirror Master and Top at the bank, but the pair quickly travel through a refelctive surface and across some of the Central City skyscrapers. Barry chases after them and tells Jesse to stay behind – naturally she doesn’t listen. Top gives Jesse a spin and makes her tumble off a building, prompting Barry to save her and giving Mirror Master the chance to trap him in a mirror.

They bring the mirror back to STAR Labs and deduce that cooling the molecules in the mirror may allow him to vibrate his way out. Wally cheers up Jesse, down about getting Barry trapped, with a CW-perfect smooch. As the team figures out a way to cool the mirror, Barry clunkily tries to apologize for being weird, but they agree to talk about it later (hopefully never). Harry and Cisco hook up their device, but it’s not quite cold enough and when they’re out of ideas, the meta-human alert goes off, but it was set off by Caitlin on purpose so she could use her Killer Frost powers to finish cooling the mirror and free Barry. Character progression!

Now-free Barry has a way to stop Mirror Master. Using a hologram, he tricks Scudder into following him and eventually sets up a collection of mirrors around him that somehow prevents him from escaping. This is a show with a giant talking gorilla, so just go with it. The next day, Joe gets asked out by Cecil (who has apparently been in this show since the first season) but asks for a raincheck as Barry’s awkwardness rubs off. Back at STAR Labs, Hipster Wells comes through as the Earth-2 crew head home. He’s funny, so we’ll see how this goes. Barry comes home afterward and tells Joe and Iris he’s going to move out, presumably for uninterrupted smooch time. Caitlin meanwhile goes home and accidentally freezes her water pipes and grows a (ahem) Rogue-like streak of white in her hair. Only a matter of time before she becomes Killer Frost, though probably a nicer version.

You can watch a preview for the next episode, titled “Monster,” using the player below.