Damien Darhk Begins Genesis in Our Arrow Episode 4.20 Recap

The HIVE council has assembled. Some of them are worried about Damien Darhk, who makes a characteristic entrance and promptly kills them when he learns Genesis hasn’t been delayed in his absence. In the Arrow Cave, they quickly learn of the HIVE members found dead around town, but they still can’t take him on directly. Oliver has a line on a way to combat Darhk’s magic (from a Constantine-produced source) and will be heading out of town to Hub City. He tells the team to take it easy in his absence, so Thea decides to spend the weekend on a getaway with Alex. Diggle meanwhile visits Lyla in an ARGUS Bunker. He updates her on their situation and she is quick to note Oliver has a point about why they shouldn’t attack. John Diggle, however, will not be swayed by facts and logic, even after Oliver was right about his brother. As John leaves to get Sara some diapers, we see it’s not a bunker at all, but a fortified truck.

Felicity finds Ollie packing for Hub City where he reveals how worried he is about using the magic. He knows he’d do anything to avenge Laurel and he doesn’t know where that will leave him, you know, mystically. As he picks up his stuff, Felicity reveals she’s coming along too. Meanwhile, Diggle picks up diapers but gets an alert that Andy was spotted nearby and tracks him down. The two trade bullets and despite Lyla saying “Don’t,” John’s hubris gets the best of him and he runs after Andy. Later Oliver and Felicity arrive in a Hub City casino where she sits down to play Black Jack. She has retained her ability to play from season one and continues to do well. Enough to earn the attention of a fellow player who isn’t doing so hot. Felicity slides some money her way and the woman reveals herself to be the source they’re meeting, Esrin Fortuna. Elsewhere, Thea wakes up in a fancy house with Alex.

Diggle continues to chase Andy but he’s run into a trap and some of Andy’s fellow ghosts knock him out. He wakes up suspended to a column. Andy reveals Darhk has tasked him with “prepping” John before his own arrival. John tries to reason with his brother, to make him remember his family, but he’s past all that. In turn, Andy stabs John. Back in Hub City, Fortuna reveals herself as an Immortal Shaman to Oliver and Felicity and leads them into her own Nexus Chamber in order to teach him what to do. She reveals since Darhk’s powers are fueled by hate and darkness, light and hope can combat them. Should Oliver channel these things, he can repel Darhk’s magic. The catch of course is he can’t do that when the dark inside him outweighs the light. Ruh roh, Raggy.

Thea and Alex take a stroll through suburgatory where everything is just a little too perfect. She eventually flips, thinking the world’s sounds are on a loop. Alex eventually convinces her to let it go. Back in Star City, some Ghosts unload John who is quick to fight them and go after Andy. He chains him to a pipe but can’t bring himself to pull the trigger and instead opts to leave. In the Nexus Chamber, Esrin hits Oliver with a low level magic and he’s able to fight it off. When she goes for a heavier dose, he gets caught in a fog and has visions of his enemies including The Dark Archer, Deathstroke, and Damien Darhk. He also sees everyone close to him that has died over the course of the show. Oliver snaps out of it, but Fortuna says she can do nothing for him in this state.

Thea continues to lose it and starts connecting the pieces, like how she has no cell reception, all the sounds are being looped, and Alex never even mentioned where they were going. She slaps away his vitamin bottle and recognizes the little pills Malcolm Merlyn used on her, and runs out of the house in a panic. John returns to Lyla’s Trunker, it’s a truck bunker people, and laments that he just wants his brother back. Lyla tells him to do it the right way. In the casino, Oliver downs a drink, semi-angry that it’s not the magic’s fault it didn’t work, it’s his own fault. Felicity plants some light in him though, reminding him they can all change.

Damien Darhk finally arrives to the chained up Andy, but he’s not mad, in fact he’s happy. He unlocks him and Andy reveals the tracker he planted was a success. Alarms sound in the Trunker as the Ghosts move to take it over. Gunfire and explosions ring out, but the real weapon is Darhk himself, who stops the truck with his magic. Digg calls for help but Team Arrow isn’t answering. Lyla tells John to get out of there because she’ll squeal if it means he or Sara get hurt. As the ghosts prepare to open the Trunker, Diggle pops out on a motorcycle which was somehow hidden inside it and speeds away. Lyla manages to take out some of the Ghosts but is overtaken by Darhk, who moves to take Sara out of her crib, but she’s not there. She’s with Diggle, riding Yoda-style on the motorcycle.

Darhk leads Andy and the other ghosts giving chase down an alley where Felicity runs them over with the Team Arrow van. Outmatched, Andy runs off, but Diggle hands over Sara to Felictiy and chases after him. On the Trunker, Darhk digs into Lyla’s skin to find a microchip, allowing Oliver to get the drop on him and FINALLY hit him with an arrow. He uses his magic on Oliver, and after a moment he’s able to fight it off with an eery green glow to his eyes, but Darhk disappears. Diggle finally catches Andy who taunts him endlessly, about everything but especially not protecting his family. It finally gets to John though, and he ends it, shooting Andy. Oliver tries to console him, but John knows Andy never would have stopped.

In the Arrow Cave, there’s still no word from Thea, and Oliver tells Felicity he was able to make the magic work. He did it by thinking of her and the rest of the team, even Laurel. They taught him to have hope. Lyla wakes up in a panic and notices the scar on her arm. She tells the team about Rubicon, which Shadowspire was after back in episode 4.11. After they tried to take it, she loaded the info onto a chip and used a subdermal implant to hide it. Lyla reveals that Rubicon is a program used to override nuclear launch codes, to prevent warheads from being fired, but it can be corrupted and used to launch them instead. Oh, okay. The team then pieces it all together, Damien Darhk and his “Genesis” are his plans to rebuild the world after destroying it with a flood like God. They ask, where’s his Ark though? Thea runs through the streets, which remain daylight at all hours, and is quickly followed by armed soldiers. She tries to escape through a field but hits a wall, Wile E. Coyote style and we see she’s trapped in “the ark,” a giant dome underneath the surface of Star City.

You can watch a preview for next week’s episode, titled “Monument Point,” in the player below.