Supergirl Season One Finale Recap

In the Supergirl Season One finale, we pick up where last week left off as Alex and Supergirl face off. Supergirl begs her sister to remember who she is, but she can’t get through. The girls fight, and as Alex is about to pierce Supergirl with the Kryptonite sword, J’onn flies in with Eliza and talks her daughter down. Alex seems a touch bitter that J’onn can block Eliza’s brain, but couldn’t protect her. Eliza invokes Jeremiah’s memory, and Alex breaks through the brainwashing. She shuts off her suit and hugs her mother, then rushes to help Supergirl.

They head back to the old TV station, where Hank is filled in on the plan. Supergirl will broadcast a message of hope, including her family emblem. Max gets everything up and running, and Supergirl starts her earnest speech, begging the people of National City to have hope. From anyone else, so much treacle would be nauseating, but Supergirl manages to make it sound sincere. And it works. The “S” emblem seems to inspire hope in everyone, not just Winn, James, and the agents at the DEO. It works, and the entire city breaks free of Myriad.

Non is not thrilled, but he refuses to let “Astra’s life be undone by that child.” Indigo has a new plan, believing Non’s only failure was dreaming too small. She wants to finish the job by killing off the humans, leaving only Kara behind as queen of a dead planet.

Kara returns to work, where everything is back to normal. Winn and James apologizes for the things they said while under Myriad’s spell, but Kara knows it wasn’t them. James wants to talk with her about “the thing,” but their awkward conversation is interrupted by the morning meeting.

At the DEO, Hank is healing in the med bay. Superman is there, too, and no one can figure out why Myriad effected him more severely than anyone else. General Lane comes in and embraces Lucy – then wants Hank handcuffed and put into custody. He is still a wanted criminal. Lucy is furious and reminds her father that treating aliens with hatred and resentment only breeds more of the same. Lucy apologizes to Hank, but he seems very zen about the whole thing.

Kara and Eliza find Alex trying to clean up, but still a little shaky from the mind control. Eliza wants to know why Alex and Hank came to see her. With a deep breath, Alex explains that Jeremiah is still alive. Eliza is confused, but Alex assures her that J’onn saw into the mind of the man who took him to Project Cadmus. She promises to bring him home. But first, Max brings them a much, much worse problem: the Myriad signal has been significantly amplified. Basically it looks like Non and Indigo will overload human brains with these wavelengths until their heads literally explode. Max estimates they have about four hours before it reaches its “full potential.” Privately, Max tells Supergirl that he is worried she has no backup. No human can go out there, and if Supergirl goes out alone, she might win, but chances are, this is a suicide mission. J’onn/Hank is still injured, and Superman is apparently unconscious. Supergirl accepts this grim reality and asks him not to tell Alex what her odds are.

Kara returns to work, with a sick, frightened demeanor. Everything seems normal, but then she goes around giving sappy speeches to everyone. Winn thinks she is hungry; Cat thinks this is either a eulogy or a suicide note. When she reaches James, he wants to finish their super-awkward conversation about that kiss, but Kara thinks there is a reason they keep getting “interrupted;” that maybe they are not meant to be. She wants him to find someone who makes him happy and leaves.

Back at the DEO, Hank is worried about Supergirl. James called Lucy and said that she was acting strange. Supergirl admits that she doesn’t know if she will make it out of this alive, and she didn’t get the chance to say goodbye to her family on Krypton; she won’t make that mistake here.

Max finally found the source of the Myriad frequency. It is coming off an Omegahedron, a Kryptonian power source, in the desert of Nevada. General Lane admits that is where they concealed Fort Rozz, calling it a nuclear site. Supergirl is ready to roll out. She gives her necklace to Alex to hold on to, but doesn’t give her a goodbye speech. If she does, she will never be able to leave.

J’onn joins Supergirl at the Fort Rozz site. Non and Indigo are there, and he tosses them the omegahedron – everything is in motion, and they don’t need it anymore. “Human extinction will save the planet,” Non tells his niece. Just like Astra wanted, though not taking into consideration that without humans, Earth is just a rock. The fight begins, and it is pretty awesome. J’onn takes on Indigo while Supergirl deals with Non.

The signal is reaching critical pitch. It should be at full power in about six minutes. All over the city, people are doubled over in pain, even in the DEO.

Indigo is about to stab J’onn to death, but is distracted by the evenly-matched eye laser battle taking place between Supergirl and Non. J’onn takes advantage of this, lifts Indigo over his head, and rips her in half. Supergirl wins the eye-off, leaving Non with burned-out eyes. She rushes to check on J’onn, who is injured, but not fatally. The top half of Indigo promises that Myriad has been locked down, and there is no way to stop it. “All that is left is to watch the world end.”

Three and a half minutes. Supergirl calls Alex and tells her they can’t stop Myriad. The only way to save humanity is for her to fly Fort Rozz into space. Alex begs her not to. Without gravity, Supergirl won’t be able to make it home. Supergirl finally gives Alex her goodbye, along with a message to Jeremiah (yet none to Eliza). This goodbye is more emotional and less cheesy than the others. They say their “I love yous” and Supergirl hangs up.

Supergirl gets beneath Fort Rozz and hoists the massive construct into the air. She flies it up, past the clouds, into the emptiness of space. She floats peacefully, but her pod zooms up to her. When Supergirl wakes, she is in the med bay at the DEO. Alex admits she saved Supergirl with her own pod. “You’re not the only badass in the family.” Supergirl gets applause and hugs from everyone at the DEO. General Lane spoke to the president, who granted Hank a full pardon, and reinstated him as the head of the DEO. Hank asks Lucy to stay on, and wants everyone to remember they are on the same team, and that they can’t have secrets.

And yet, Max and General Lane have a secret: Max gives Lane the Omegahedron.

Back at work, and Kara is her usual, sunny self. Clark messages her, calling her his hero, that he is so proud. Cat appears suddenly with a banker’s box, which she points out is generally used to pack up employees desks. Kara thinks she is being fired, but Cat instead leads her to an empty office. She is being promoted. She has been the most perfect assistant she ever had, and that is why Cat has to give her up. She tells Kara to think about what she wants to do for the company – she basically gets to come up with her own position. Cat begins to leave, and Kara thanks her. I wanted her to tell Cat that her name is actually Kara, not Kira, but Cat apparently knows this, and pointedly calls her Kara.

A celebratory dinner at Kara’s apartment includes Eliza, Alex, Winn, Hank, and James. An extra setting has been placed for Jeremiah, in remembrance and in hopes that he will be with them soon. Kara and James kiss in private, but I think they are officially “together.” They toast to saving the world… but suddenly a fiery ball flies through the air. Kara jumps into action and flies after it. J’onn follows, and they find a pod, identical to Kara’s, has crashed. She opens it up, and all we see is a glowing blue light. “Oh my god,” Kara murmurs – and we cut to black.

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