The Flash Visits National City in Our Supergirl Episode 118 Recap

Winn and Kara have taken Siobhan to the DEO for tests. The DNA comes back, and she is 100% human. She is mad that she was dragged all the way down here and no one can help her. On her way out, a screeching noise in her head nearly knocks her out. She brushes it off, and is momentarily distracted when she sees Lucy interrogating Livewire. Winn walks her out.

On the street, the sounds continue to assault Siobhan, this time paired with visions of some Deadite-looking demon. She marches into CatCo and takes out her anger on Kara by screaming at her. Kara is knocked out the window and plunges to the ground, momentarily disoriented. Suddenly a red streak races into town, scoops up Kara before she can hit the ground, and rushes her out to the desert. It is, of course, the Flash, and Kara, of course, is fine, other than her sweater being on fire. He wants to help but then realizes in swatting out the flames, he would grab her breasts, so he lets Kara take care of it. She is still disoriented, then takes off into the sky, dropping her “human” clothes onto the Flash. “That one is new,” the Flash remarks, then runs off to follow her. They meet up deeper in the desert. Neither has heard of the other, and Barry takes off his mask. “I think I’m on the wrong Earth.”

Kara brings Barry back to the Supergirl office, where he runs a few searches. There is no Cisco, Caitlin, Felicity, or Dr. Wells on this Earth – that means no one to help get him home. James and Winn come in, and Kara awkwardly tries to explain how Barry got there. He explains the multiverse theory, then to prove he can move fast enough to move between different Earths, he rushes out and brings back ice cream in the blink of an eye. Kara is adorably excited and promises to help Barry get back to his Earth. Barry needs calories, so the two superheroes go out for donuts, and Winn teases James about the jealous look on his face.

Kara, Barry, James, and Winn stop by CatCo. Cat is only mildly surprised to see Kara is still alive. “You look like the attractive, non-threatening, multi-racial cast of a CW show,” she snips before showing off today’s news. Someone snapped a photo of Kara being rescued by a red streak. She wants to name him the Woosh or the Blur. Barry pushes for the Flash; Cat vetoes and sticks with the Blur.

Siobhan pops into a witchcraft shop, run by her aunt. She needs her help, and her aunt knows instantly what this is about. “You hear her calling you. It is the banshee.” All the women in her family are unlikeable, going way back to when her family still lived in Ireland. A banshee cursed the women in her family, a curse that is triggered when someone wrongs them. Siobhan has to kill whoever triggered her anger. If she doesn’t, her power grows and her voice becomes a weapon that can be used around the world. Unfortunately, that will also destroy her soul. Siobhan realizes that the enemy of her enemy is her new partner.

Siobhan uses her scream to free Livewire from her prison at the DEO. Lucy alerts Kara, who wants to get Cat out of town. Cat refuses to hide, and knows that Supergirl will still protect her. Kara goes to Barry, still in the Supergirl office, and tells him about Livewire. They shake hands and partner up.

Livewire is lured out to an abandoned lumber warehouse. Siobhan is there, waiting, and needs Livewire’s help. Livewire blows her off, so Siobhan demonstrates her power. Duly impressed, the two women agree to partner up to kill Cat, Kara, and Supergirl. But first, Siobhan needs a makeover.

Using some of the tech at the DEO, Barry figures out that Livewire is at the warehouse. He wants a plan, but Supergirl wants to just bust in and capture Livewire before she disappears again. They head out and arrive at the warehouse, where Livewire suddenly appears. The Flash runs circles around her, but unfortunately it just powers her up, and she throws him back against the wall. Supergirl tries to laser-zap the sprinkler system, but a scream makes her stop. The Silver Banshee appears, with cheesy zombie face paint, and uses her scream to knock Supergirl back. Supergirl uses her ice breath, and the Flash makes tornadoes with his arms. It is basically a distraction so the pair can zip away. Safely back in their street clothes,, Kara apologizes for running in and explains why she is desperate to win back the trust of the city. Barry understands.

Livewire arrives at CatCo via Cat’s TV wall. Silver Banshee’s entrance is a little less impressive – she takes the elevator. Cat immediately recognizes Siobhan, and Winn jumps in, trying to talk Siobhan out of her dastardly deeds. She knocks him back with a scream. “I like who I am now.” Back at the DEO, Barry has whipped up a pair of protective ear plugs for himself and Kara. Livewire appears on the monitors, telling the superheroes if they want Cat back, they have to come to National City Park.

Livewire is threatening Cat, who asks her not to kill her, for the sake of her boys. This seems to be a stall tactic until Supergirl and the Flash can get there. “Let’s settle this like women,” the Flash announces. Supergirl looks at him. “There are more of you than me,” he explains. The cuteness is interrupted by Silver Banshee’s scream, but the ear plugs Barry made do the trick. Her screams have no effect on them. The two villains rush our heroes. Flash chases Livewire up a building, disorienting her with speed. Supergirl throws a chunk of concrete at Silver Banshee, but she crumbles it with her voice. Livewire shoots electricity at a helicopter hovering overhead, and Supergirl jumps in front of it, absorbing the electricity and saving the people in the helicopter. The electricity is too much for her, and she is knocked to the ground. Spectators rush to gather around Supergirl, still trying to gather her bearings. One brave woman speaks out, telling Livewire to leave Supergirl alone. “She is willing to die for us,” the woman says in answer to why she is willing to die for Supergirl. Water rains down, causing Livewire to short circuit. Silver Banshee gets electrocuted as well. The water came thanks to the firefighters, who help Supergirl up. “It’s our turn to help you.”

Supergirl is once again the hero of National City. Thanks to Barry, the police department now has a prison system that can lock up metahumans, which is where Livewire and Silver Banshee are being kept. Now she has to help Barry get home.

Back out in the desert, Supergirl and the Flash decide to join forces literally. They will run, then Supergirl with throw him as hard as she can, hopefully breaking the barrier to get him back to his Earth. They hug, then take off. Their plan works, and Barry flies through a rift that opens up briefly.

James visits Kara at home. Things are super awkward between them, and she tries to use the multiverse theory to talk about them. Finally she just kisses him. When she pulls away, James is frozen, staring at her. Motionless. Kara babbles on for a few minutes; James does not blink. Suddenly, he turns around and walks out of the apartment, like he is in a trance. The neighbors are in the same trance. Looking out her window, Kara sees everyone in National City walking in a trance down the street.

Non has activated Myriad.

The Flash is my favorite superhero show on television right now, so bringing his Flashiness to Supergirl was just a delight. Grant Gustin and Melissa Benoit are possibly the two most adorable actors in the world, and their adorableness doesn’t bother me! Together, they could make a pile of kittens look like a pile of mud. They played off each other really well, and I hope for more crossovers.

I don’t feel like we got a good reason for Barry to be in National City. Why was he bouncing around the multiverse? Did it have anything to do with that ring on his chest? Is this something that will be addressed on Tuesday’s episode of The Flash?

Regardless, this was a great episode.