My Adventures With Superman Villains
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Every DC Villain in My Adventures With Superman So Far

Many great DC Comics villains have been reimagined for the hit animated series My Adventures With Superman. Some are classic Superman antagonists. Others are better known from other DC series. Most of them have been heavily modified from the comics, with tech-based powers rather than being metahumans.

Livewire in My Adventures With Superman


Leslie Willis is a career criminal, who stole several pieces of experimental technology from the US Army. She briefly terrorized Metropolis in a suit of power armor that let her control electricity, before Superman grounded her.

The original Livewire was created for Superman: The Animated Series, before being introduced into the comics. This version of Leslie Willis was a shock jock radio host before she accidentally gained electrical powers and turned to crime.

Deathstroke in My Adventures With Superman


Slade Wilson is a government agent, tasked with maintaining order in Metropolis at any cost. This brings him into conflict with both Superman and the new super-criminals that appear after Livewire’s theft. While he has yet to use the Deathstroke name, Agent Wilson is clearly based on the classic Teen Titans villain.

Intergang in My Adventures With Superman

Intergang in My Adventures with Superman

The Intergang of My Adventures With Superman is strictly small time compared to their comic book counterparts. Made up of three thieves, Siobhan, Kyle and Albert, this Intergang were the first gang of supervillains to emerge after Livewire’s theft.

The Intergang of the comics used the same methods as the one in My Adventures With Superman, depending on advanced technology. However, their technology was alien in origin, having been provided by the villain Darkseid.

Silver Banshee

Siobhan McDougal is empowered by an armored helmet that gives her a sonic scream. In the comics, Siobhan’s powers were magical in nature and the result of a curse. Another notable change is that Sibohan and Kyle are siblings. The Mist and Silver Banshee are not related in the comics.


Kyle Nimbus’ power armor gives him the ability to become invisible. In the comics, The Mist gained the power to become invisible and intangible, dissolving into an intoxicating fog. He was not given the name Kyle Nimbus until his adaptation for the 2014 The Flash show. His first name was revealed as Kyle, however, in the 1990s Starman series.

Rough House

In My Adventures With Superman, Albert gets super-strength from his power armor. In the comics, Rough House was a nameless Intergang thug and the clone of one of Boss Moxie’s best bodyguards.

Anthony Ivo and Parasite in My Adventures With Superman


No villains have been altered so heavily from the comics for My Adventures with Superman as Anthony Ivo and the Parasite. This version of Anthony Ivo is presented as a parody of Tony Stark, who picks a fight with Superman to sell his energy absorbing Parasite armor. The battle leaves Ivo a desiccated husk of the handsome playboy he once was.

In the comics, Anthony Ivo was a brilliant scientist and robotics expert who deformed himself with his efforts to make himself immortal. He was a different character than the original Parasite, Raymond Maxwell Jensen, who was transformed into an energy-absorbing monster after being exposed to bio-hazardous waste.

Alex in My Adventures With Superman

Alex in My Adventures with Superman

Anthony Ivo has an assistant named Alex, who is equally brilliant when it comes to technology. There is no evidence that Alex might be Alexander “Lex” Luthor beyond that. However, Alex was all too eager to talk to Vicki Vale to discuss how Superman had hurt Metropolis.

Heat Wave in My Adventures With Superman

Heat Wave in My Adventures with Superman

Apart from the name Heat Wave and a fire gimmick, this villain seemingly has little in common with the famous enemy of The Flash. The original Heat Wave used a flame pistol, whereas the animated incarnation used high-tech gauntlets. The animated Heat Wave is also a woman.

Monsieur Mallah and The Brain in My Adventures With Superman

Monsieur Mallah and The Brain in My Adventures with Superman

The famous French-speaking gorilla and his brain-in-a-jar lover were barely changed from the Doom Patrol comics for My Adventures With Superman. The only real difference is that, on the show, they are former employees of Project Cadmus.

Mr. Mxyzptlk in My Adventures With Superman

Mr. Mxyzptlk in My Adventures With Superman

The differences between the comic book and television versions of Mr. Mxyzptlk are largely cosmetic. Both are annoying little imps with magic powers who delight in spreading chaos. The only real difference is that the animated version has blue skin and pointy ears, resembling a Dragon Ball Z character more than an inhabitant of the DC Universe.

Task Force X in My Adventures With Superman

Task Force X in My Adventures With Superman

Led by Amanda Waller and the mysterious General, Task Force X is the government body that employs Agent Wilson and seeks to turn the captured supervillains against Superman. This is in keeping with the mission of Task Force X (aka The Suicide Squad) from the comics, which is also led by Waller.

The identity of the General is less clear cut. The most likely suspect is General Sam Lane, the father of Lois Lane, who was defined by his hatred of aliens in the comics. However, it might also be General Wade Eiling, who became a monster known as The General after he implanted his brain in the body of the monstrous Shaggy Man.