Meet Old Man Oliver Queen in Our Recap of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Episode 6

Picking up where last week left off, the Legends are in Star City in 2046, currently staring down an Archer that definitely isn’t Oliver Queen. He spins all around and toys with them before making a narrow escape. Rip Hunter tells the team that like in Terminator 2, this future is not set but knowing too much about their future could result in its fruition as they try to change it – they should make their repairs and leave. Jax diagnoses the engine troubles and thinks Kendra could be of assistance, but he clearly has other things in mind. Hunter says they need a Neuromorphic Cortex, which is literally nonsense, and Ray posits that a prototype is probably sitting in Smoak Technologies. Good thing they have thieves on the team. As Rip, Mick, and Snart prepare to leave, Sara suits up, ignoring Hunter’s advice to stay put. Jax does his best to get paired up with Kendra in making repairs to the Waverider, but Dr. Stein pays it no mind.

As the team walks the burning streets of Star City, Hunter advises not to kill anyone. Sara wonders what caused the city to become this way. Back on the ship, Ray and Kendra bond while fixing the ship and things get flirtatious. Dr. Stein lashes out, an out-of-character response, but he realizes he feels this way because of his connection to Jax. In turn, he gives him some pointers in regard to flirting. Funny coming from the guy that roofied him and brought him on the ship. The Legends keep walking the streets when a fight breaks out between a bunch of thieves and the hooded archer from before. Sara goes to track him down after he takes a bullet and Rip follows, but Mick and Snart go off on their own quest resulting in Mick quickly taking over a local gang.

When Sara finds the archer, she asks who he is since Oliver Queen is the Green Arrow, but he responds that Oliver Queen is dead. He fills her in that 15 years ago Deathstroke brought an army with him to Star City, and speak of the devil and he appears. It’s not Slade Wilson though, as Sara thinks, but his son. The new Green Arrow thinks quick and gets them out before they can get hurt. Back on the Waverider, Jax helps Kendra with repairs, but his flirtations go unreturned. Dr. Stein talks to Ray about his interactions with Kendra, but Ray hadn’t put it together that there was chemistry between them. In Star City, Rory indulges in a house party with his new gang and he’s right at home, quite to the dismay of Snart.

The new Green Arrow gives Sara and Hunter some background. Oliver tried to raise an army to fight Deathstroke, but everyone just wanted to evacuate. They tell him why they’re there and says there’s one place that Felicity Smoak’s projects have been moved to… the Arrow Cave. It’s battered and dusty, and no one has been down there since Grant Wilson outed Oliver Queen as the Green Arrow to the world. The theme of this episode must be “mention someone and they appear,” because on cue an old, goatee’d and one-armed Oliver Queen steps out of the shadows. That’s when we learn this new Green Arrow’s name, John Diggle Junior, but he prefers Connor Hawke. Sara asks Oliver what happened to everyone, her sister, her father, Felicity, and Oliver simply says they’re gone. He tells them where they can find Felicity’s tech, then does his best Bruce Wayne and retreats into the shadows.

Jax tells Dr. Stein that his flirts with Kendra “went well,” even though they didn’t, and Stein is happy to report that Ray has no romantic intentions with Kendra. Hooray! Except he’s wrong, as Ray tells Stein moments later that he’s going to give it a shot. Back in the gang house, Deathstroke enters and tells the gangs to kill the Green Arrow, and his two new friends. Snart does his best to convince Rory to give up this life and help their friends, and they can sort this out after. As Sara and Hunter search for the necessary tech, he reminds her that if they finish the mission at hand she can be back in Star City in time to prevent this future from happening. Sara goes to one corner, and discovers something we don’t see, and Rip manages to find the big-science-McGuffin, just as Deathstroke’s forces break in. They fight them off, and even get help from Mick and Snart, but they’re too much and they kidnap Connor. Sara wants to save him, but Rip insists they leave. In order to get him back on the ship, Snart knocks out Rory.

Jax meets up with Stein and immediately realizes the Doc feels uneasy about something and gets him to admit that he may have cause Ray to have feelings for Kendra. It’s like an entire metaphor for this show’s purpose! Rip and company return but Sara is prepared to go back out and help Connor, Hunter ultimately relents and gives her an hour. Mick wakes up and talks to Snart, realizing that his partner is no longer in it for the score but to stop Savage. Their relationship seems broken at this point. Sara goes back to the Arrow Cave to see Oliver. She hands him what she found at the warehouse and reminds him that the city will always need a Green Arrow, and Oliver does something he probably hasn’t done in a long time. He smiles.

On the ship, they continue waiting for Sara, and Rip has even allotted more time for her. Gideon advises they move as they’re within striking distance of the spot where Grant Wilson plans on executing Connor Hawke. Once again the entire team presses Hunter to actually do something. Wilson has his goons put Hawke into position to remove his head, in the same spot he took Oliver Queen’s arm, but before he can do that a guard brings up Sara. Wilson asks her what her plan was and she tells him out right, just distract him, and then Oliver makes his grand debut, hood, bow, and robot arm in tow. A brawl breaks out and the Legends join in as Oliver and Connor use team work to take down Wilson. Oliver tells John Diggle Jr. he’s earned the title of Green Arrow. Back in the Cave, Oliver says they have a lot of work to do, as someone will try to move in on Grant Wilson’s vacancy. He gives his goodbye to Sara and gets to work on being everyone’s favorite archer again.

On the Waverider, Jax talks himself up to get into flirt-mode when he overhears Ray ask Kendra out for a drink, they’re only going to the upper deck of the ship so you’d think she’d say yes. She turns him down, however, since her life has gotten complicated. As Ray leaves he runs into Jax, who heard it all, and they both agree there’s no hard feelings between them, though they each think Kendra would have chosen them. Rip works on their next destination in time and admits Sara was right, every future is worth fighting for but now they have to go. Mick isn’t quite ready to go, it was his kinda anarchy in Star City 2046, and he thinks he’s lost his tribe for good (meaning Snart and not the gang he ran for all of three minutes). Where to next? Asks Stein, not where, but when. We’ll find out then.

You can watch a preview for next week’s episode, titled “Marooned,” using the player below.