Recap of The Flash Crossover Episode, Legends of Today

Barry pushes himself to get faster, but Caitlin and Harry realize that he’s not actually making any progress. Luckily Harry has an idea. At the Central City docks, some sailors arrive and have a stowaway with them, a man who happened to be armed with 32 different knives. The man, Vandal Savage, is able to free himself from his binds and kill all of the men standing around him, but he makes note that another sacrifice must be made. Joe, Barry, and Patty all go over the evidence from the murders the next day and it’s clear to Barry that one man was responsible. He gives Patty a piece of the knife as a means to trace it. That night, Cisco meets up with Kendra for an after-hours date at Jitters which is interrupted by Vandal, who keeps calling Kendra Priestess Chay-Ara. Cisco is able to alert Barry, who manages to save his buddy from a knife to the chest, but not before Savage is able to get away and Cisco reveals The Flash’s identity.

At STAR Labs, the team realizes they’re in over their heads, especially since they have no experience with magic, so to keep Kendra safe they’re going on a field trip to Star City. Damien Darhk is doing his “suck the life out of you” routine when Team Arrow shows up, and Oliver gets to use a great trick arrow (the magnet arrow!) to disarm the ghosts. They fight some of the soldiers and Darhk even begins his trick on Oliver, but he’s saved by Barry. They all convene in the new Arrow Cave where the situation is explained and Oliver puts on his Dad-face and tries to act serious. Sensing hostility, Felicity invites everyone up to their loft for drinks. Back at STAR, Harry work on a formula to increase a speedster’s velocity. It’s something he’s worked on and failed at already, but Caitlin offers a helping hand this go around.

Back at Oliver and Felicity’s apartment, pleasantries are exchanged and funny jokes are told among Team Flash and Team Arrow. Oliver offers a toast to the group and Cisco confides in Barry about the vibe he had about Kendra. Just as he finished, Savage busts in through a window to have another crack at killing Kendra. As Oliver engages him with his arrows, Savage throws knives at everyone in the room and while Barry is able to stop them all, he gets knicked by another blade. Thea grabs her gear and helps Oliver in trying to fight Savage, and even fires a few arrows into his chest, sending him careening over the balcony. Aghast, Oliver goes to look, but they don’t see a smooshed body or even a drop of blood on the ground.

The group gets back together in the Arrow Cave and Barry convinces Cisco to come forward about his abilities, so he tells Kendra about what he can do and what he saw when he kissed her. The power cuts off in the Arrow Cave and when it returns they find themselves joined by none other than Malcolm Merlyn and some of his ninjas. He tells them the man they’re looking for is Vandal Savage, and he’s immortal. This sends Kendra into freak-out mode and out the door. Back at STAR, Caitlin and Harry get the formula in working condition, but Jay Garrick enters and refuses not only to have it be tested on himself but asks to keep it away form Barry. Harry prepares to take it somewhere else for a test, where exactly isn’t clear, but while he packs up a car, Patty spots and follows him. Cisco goes after Kendra who laments that her whole life is about to change. Trying to comfort her, Cisco tells her every day will get a little more normal. That’s when Hawkman swoops down and picks her up off the ground.

Team Arrow and Barry are frantically looking for Kendra as Hawkman lands on a building with her safe and sound. He tells her he’s been looking for her, that she is Chay-Ara and he is Prince Khufu, and she needs to wake up. He flies off the roof as Oliver gets to their location and we get to see Hawkman and Green Arrow throw down, as maces block arrows and trick arrows fly. Barry finally arrives and he’s able to take down Hawkman thanks to team work, and his newfound Throwing Lightning power. Back at STAR, Harry and Caitlin have a disagreement about what to do with the formula, and as he turns around he sees Patty, gun drawn, telling him he’s under arrest. As he takes a step forward, she does the unthinkable and shoots him in the chest. Caitlin manages to return just in time and tells Patty to call Joe so he can explain.

Back in the Arrow Cave, Hawkman is in chains where he explains that he and Kendra have been partners for 4,000 years, his name is Carter Hall, that they are killed by Vandal Savage and then reincarnated into another life. Merlyn makes another trademark entrance and lets them know Savage has already left the city, seeking a powerful artifact called the Staff of Horus. Joe makes it to STAR Labs where it’s clear that Harry is dying and there’s no way to get the bullet out without killing him, though Caitlin notes that Jay could help. Carter, Oliver, Barry, Cisco, and Kendra stand on a roof where ol’ Hawkman tells her that in order to “awaken,” she’ll need to jump. Despite Barry and Cisco’s protests, Kendra hops up on the ledge, and Carter pushes her off. Barry runs down the building and saves her, prompting a “let her make her own decisions” talk from Uncle Oliver. Ollie then realizes that the Staff of Horus is likely in Central City given how Kendra claimed to have been “drawn” to that city in particular. Before they leave, Barry tells her to believe in herself.

Harry’s still on the cusp of death at STAR Labs, but Jay arrives just in time and agrees to inject himself with the Velocity-6 and remove the bullet. The serum works and Jay vibrates his hand and plucks it out, and Harry stabilizes. Kendra and Cisco talk up on the roof in Star City and she realizes why she’s felt so out of place her entire life. Cisco tries to console her, but Kendra has to face this on her own, to embrace her destiny. Oliver and Barry arrive at the St. Mark’s church in Central City where Vandal Savage has already found the Staff and wastes no time blasting them with its mystical energies. Kendra stands on the ledge and lets go, physically and metaphorically, and jumps, allowing her wings to sprout and her to fly. Savage senses her awakening and lets out one final blast, sending the church up in flames as Barry gets himself and Oliver out of the way. Kendra lands back on the roof and Cisco dubs her, Hawkgirl.

Harry wakes up at STAR Labs to Caitlin and Jay, who tells him the effects of his serum have worn off and he’s never taking it again – yeah, we’ll see. Before he leaves, Harry thanks him for saving his life. Oliver puts in a call to the remaining members of Team Arrow in Star City to come to Central City, along with Cisco, Kendra, and Carter, so they can put a stop to Savage and the staff. Things are quiet the next morning though. Barry and Oliver stand in line for coffee at Jitters and Ollie makes a comment about a drink being named after Barry. A young boy runs through and trips in front of them, dropping his Flash action figure, which Oliver picks up and hands back to him. When the boy runs back to his mother, Oliver recognizes her. It’s Sandra, the young woman whom he impregnated before getting stranded on the island nine years ago and who his mother told him had miscarried and moved away to Central City.

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